Buying new stations (Cargo)

This is a shitpost but just had the idea of adding the ability for Qm to buy deralict orbiting stations.

You can end up with a ton of excess money as qm so blowing it all buy one can be the ultimate chad move. The stations would be like the ones you explore in expo, but with no enemies and full access and proper docking for ships.

100 000c would be a good minimum price.

I could finally fufill the full cargonia dream.

This is kind of a joke but a lizard can dream


wyci 2020202020


Also allow cargo/ the captain to buy the next map in rotation for like 500k.

Pubby? No thanks, let’s get Tube Station.


I will become a QM main just so no one will have to suffer and play Fland anymore


Why do people hate Fland so much? (asking out of ignorance, I haven’t played it much)

Because it’s not a boxstation clone, duh

It is absolutely massive, yet feels small because all of the functional areas are the same size as other stations they just have 3 tile wide hallways smacked on either side of the room. There are also quite a lot of decisions that I don’t personally agree with, such the sheer amount of important rooms concentrated at the bridge, security being in the middle, and the excessive use of rock as a secondary wall. Two layers of reinforced wall is plenty enough, you don’t need to add a layer of rock on top of it.

Endless rounds of fland, like 5-6 maps in a row.

I saw you guys got slapped with it right as I’m logging off for bed… sorry homies

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