"But fulp is cringe"

I’ve noticed a pattern not just recently but even back into the times I was still an admin here. I’ve never played on fulp personally but I have read their rules, talked and coordinated with some of their staff and something just keeps happening.

Every time someone says fulp is cringe, they out themselves as being a fairly shit player for Bee.

The only differences between the two servers I can see at a glance:

  • Bee has even stricter and more detailed roleplaying standards
  • Bee isn’t directly TG code
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I found fulp to be a bit iffy when i played as it allowed you to play as 17 years old, which personally i found a bit creepy.

That’a default on all /tg/ code servers, we changed it because someone used it to stir up some useless drama


oh, didn’t know that, thought it was a fulp exclusive at the time so I stopped playing.

The only reason I dislike Fulp is that most of the staff are consistently pretty shit and give you trouble over the tamest IC things, or don’t punish people for being an asshole unfairly.

Surprisingly, I played fulp for two or so months before swapping to Bee without getting in trouble once. Every time I hear more bad encounters with their staff I still get surprised by that fact.


thats why fulp is cringe

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We’ve been staring in a mirror this whole time. :pensive:


Bee is the real classic TG

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THIS is my reason of thinking fulp is cringe. If you have had good experiences with their admin team, good for you ruko - but many people did not.


I’ve got a friend who used to be a fulpmin that says pretty much the same thing. He stepped down because he didn’t like the direction it was going and won’t touch that server anymore.


I have only secondhand experience.

All of the negative experience reads identically to the negative things people say about Bee. Likewise the people who tell me they like fulp find an unusually strict set of RP restrictions for a public server.

There is an ex-Beemin who felt the exact same in reverse.

I don’t believe the two servers are very different, and (provided it isn’t seen as advertisement) welcome the perspective from folks who have actually played both.


Hopefully saying this is okay, but I actually like Fulp, sure they bwoinked me for being a mime named “Sensual Moff” and they seemed to think “sensual” was sexual in nature, but it seems like p chill in my experience?

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I liked Fulp. But I moved here a few years ago when it became clear there is a group of meta friends with the run of the server.


I hate fulp because it’s funny.
Literally never played and don’t plan on it.
Probably this is beneficial in the long term for fulp because players who decide to stick with cringe server, will be more involved.


I’ve played Fulp abit, mostly because it’s a Server with close ties to Newgrounds*, they have named themselves after the man the myth the internet legend Tom Fulp, so I felt obligated to.

I’ve wandered about space, I’ve played half a mime round** and about 7 rounds as assistant and one or two as Bartender.
What I can say is this, I’ve not had an encounter with the Admin team there, so I’ve got no experience there.
what I can say is that the code base is a shake up going from Bee to there, but I eventually learned the basics.
Mining, both public and departmental is AWESOME, which I guess is a result of current T.G. mining being awesome with all the new critters. (Port some mobs?)
and Medical relying on Sutures and the medical system that introduced them rather than brute packs and ointment and having a cagey med-bay.
SEC on the other hand seems more cut and dry about how they handle things, a-bit more prone to violence even while the Disabler isn’t nerfed there, afew more doughnut cops too.***

(* guess how much I love Newgrounds)
(** shit got wack and I broke vow of Silence)
(*** Needs some Good ol’ SEC reform)



this is mostly because of the wounds system, sutures can help with bleeding and meshes can help with severe burns (epi-pens also have coagulants!)

average tgcode space law (luv me old EOTC)

Oh that is SO NEAT! they program in a Coagulant system or is it just a specific chemical function that slows bleeding in the code?

Just a thought but have you considered trying playing on it?