BusterTornad0 banned by whyiscaeciliustaken

CKEY: BusterTornad0

Admin’s CKEY: whyiscaeciliustaken

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Server ban

Ban Length: 1 month

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-04-29 10:46

Round ID: 13984

Ban Reason: “Intentionally created, released and spread a lethal disease as a nonantag virologist, and repeatedly lied in ahelps about it.”

Appeal Reason: Admins tried to mess with us by sending a centcom message saying a deathsquad was coming, so I tried to put the virus in a smoke machine strictly for self defense. I had turned it on because I thought the deathsquad was about to come in. Unfortunately, a few people caught the virus, however the symptoms didn’t even develop past sneezing for anybody except me until after the round had ended.

Additional Information: Personally I should probably still have a job ban from viro just for being incompetent (in place of other, stronger words), but I don’t think a 1 month ban for self-defense is justified.

1 month? Wtf @Caecilius

How would giving your own crew members a lethal virus affect the deathsquad with internals and space suits?

Seemed like over kill to me at first so I checked his notes. Has 3 recent notes this month in his total of 30 living hours making grenades or floods for very weak sudo reasons. To highlight the fact they may lie or deceive, they are only server banned for 2 weeks. The role ban is one month.

Also, making a slow acting disease would do literally nothing to a deathsquad beating on your door and would infect everyone else. Low hours but an obvious trend for self-antag bordering on grief. Ban seems appropriate.

So, you activated a smoke machine loaded with a spontaneous combustion disease in the middle of medical…

…in self defence?

Against a nonexistent threat (it was a traitor with all access making an announcement, not me) that is completely immune to the disease anyway?

Denied. As Kasual said, you do absurd over the top mass grief on a regular basis. You’re going to need to shape up, as your behaviour is no fun for anyone else in the round, and a pain to clean up.