[burrrkeye] banned by [wilsonph]


**Admin’s CKEY:**wilsonph

**Ban Type:**note (idk how many stars the sprite doesnt load and it shows blank apparently)

**Ban Length:**notes are permanent

**Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):**2023.04.22

**Round ID:**43709

**Ban Reason:**As a heretic, called out “Hijack this shuttle traitor!”. Argumentative in ticket about hijack knowledge as a heretic.

**Appeal Reason:**Despite my attempts to break it down to them that hijacking is pretty common knowledge and is a simple act of driving the shuttle out of the original course and they just changed the topic into you didn’t roleplay alot when I said this. First of as I believe hijacking is common knowledge and the syndicate agent (traitor) i have met during the round knows a few syndicate homebases/sites/posts/whatevers to bring me to instead of the damned CC that belongs to NT of whom I have molested a lot of civilians/security officers in one of their stations in, this way he can save me from whatever threat awaits me at Central Command. Other than this, roleplay is mention during the admin pm session which they choose not to write in the note.

**Additional Information:**For to roleplay part, during the round most of the time I drew my runes a person popped out of the next door and caught me which really led put me in a forced loud that I couldn’t play around a lot :confused: I ended up blade teleporting my first contact with officer Zack Bell. Later on I made another rune to replace my lost blade, I meet Milana Feyweather here (again they spot me as I’m drawing a rune), we have a pretty small talk not much, they say there are some diseases here they see me draw a rune and make a blade and start slowly walking outside, I then roll my living heart and one of the choices is Milana Feyweather, I instantly pick that and lunge them on spot. I then convert them into my ghoul, I do this no talk as they start to feel afraid from the rune and blade and they should have a right to step away from weirdos in maint. After I convert Milana Feyweather, Zack Bell pops up again and we together down them and convert Zack Bell to. I then take Milana and Zack and go hunting one of my targets, on the way we meet Detective and they start being argumentative about my allegiance, not believing the story we tell them (a pretty bad one :rofl:) and we have to put them down and convert them after as well. After that I find my target the mime and sacrifice them there. We are then met with the captain, I don’t really remember what I done with the captain that part ended fast but I think he just kept staring at our place and one of my converted cultists decide to attack them and I join in too. Then AI starts to really annoy me bolting and locking doors around being as annoying as possible and shit. After some time we are met with I believe hos and the warden as there are no more officers remaining to spare and there are 4 of us. We beat them and lose Milana, never to be seen again. Later on I roll another living heart, one of the target options is my cultist so I choose them and sacrifice them away, I choose to put myself at disadvantage thinning my own numbers instead of going on and killing another defenseless person :smile:. After we beat all of security AI calls evac really putting me at a 10 minute limit, disabling me from most roleplay opportunities. Knowing there isn’t much to do in a 10 minute mark I go for ascension. This happened in a mid-pop round in which there’s like 5 security players that can really just lunge me all together so I choose flesh heretic to not be an alone loser. You can’t do much to prevent combat as a conversion antag either of you can initiate combat anytime, more the members in your cult the higher risk of combat with basically anyone and yet again if you are alone you can just completely get caught and play the rest of round in the permabrig growing some plants and hoping someone would break you out you choose.

I believe wilson really just brings these up when I don’t play things their way. Sorry but I choose to play in my own style. Whenever I get a bwoink after doing some antag shit as wilson I know I didn’t do something the way they want to and now they are going to bug me about it. How I come up with this? Wilson has made a player report about me before that got me an antag ban and of which I appealed and got removed. The case was similiar, I didn’t take their offer to team up, didn’t play the game the way they like and get banned for it. For someone that volunteered up to make the game fun they just want me to play it the way they want to. Has anyone else gotten bugged for a pretty minor occurence by wilson and got an actual punishment after no matter how hard you explained them the situation to?

It might be so that wilson doesn’t like loud antags but those folk are the ones that really spice up the round for medical, security and engineer (sometimes engineers not all the time) players and give them lots of things to do consider this.

If you are going to tell me I shouldn’t call admins this names and those names I want to say that an admin should be able to take critisism (i guess i cant type that word but you probably can understand what I mean)

Also did I make a proper appeal this time? Last one I made was such a mess…


I have some relevance to this appeal, so I’ll drop my portion.

I was a silent ghoul, converted by burrrkeye. I was Soap the Detective.

Basically, security finds Screwdriver (burrrkeye) doing heretic stuff pretty early in the shift. There was only like… 2 of us round start, and I was det and trying not to involve myself too hard in full on security matters until I had to. I put up wanted posters. Then, Screwdriver, having killed and converted the other seccie, ambushes me because I don’t fall for the “he’s just pretending” acting since I personally witnessed the crimes. They kill me, but not before the AI spots them killing me. As a result, the AI is now actively attempting to hunt Screwdriver down for killing people. As i am getting converted, HoS arrives.

I am now a Silent Ghoul. While Screwdriver does their thing at the rune, I go to tear down the posters and remove the crime I had previously added to Screwdrivers record, which the other converted seccie had missed. I come back in time to see Screwdriver being detained/killed by the HoS, and I save them. The AI is losing its shit. HoS and Cap are dead after attempting to stop the heretic. Any guise of being stealth has been shed.

As we continue on our merry murdering, an exploration member walks into the rune room, and talks to use briefly, revealing that they are a traitor. Over the remainder of the round, we run into them several more times, in which he reveals his objectives to us, asks us to help if we see the guy, and offers us some basic throwing weapons, bolas, cards, and shurikens. While we certainly don’t go out of our way to help, we also dont deter him. He is now an ally of ours.

The shuttle arrives, and Screwdriver ascends, and we take the shuttle. No one opposes us, except for one seccie who was woefully underprepared to fight the giant flesh snake. Screwdriver yells for the traitor to hijack the shuttle. After a moment, Screwdriver begins hijacking it themselves. Almost immediately after they start, the traitor shows up, and offers to Hijack, having not heard our previous call to action. The Hijack ultimately gets finished, and the round ends.

Additionally: in the post game ooc, WilsonPH claims that its not the action of hijacking that was the problem, but that Screwdriver suggested that the traitor do it. The traitor who would, not 1 minute after our suggestion to no one, suggest that they hijack themselves. If Hijacking ourselves was not the issue, and asking someone who is already a self proclaimed “Traitor” to hijack for us was the problem, then I fail to see how that even makes sense? We knew they were a traitor. They personally told us. if its an “RP” thing like WilsonPH seems to think it is, how does it make more sense for the heretic to go to CC when they just killed a bunch of NT employees in not the most discreet way? Why would it have been fine if we hijacked instead of the other guy, who offered to hijack. I don’t see why this note happened at all.


Hey, I tapped into my inner psyhic and thought of something…

So apparently wilson has been working on some central command mapping changes for when the evac shuttle lands and people can look at it during eorg. No problems until here and there they posted some stuff about it on the forum and discord as well. An example:

There’s another person noted in a similiar way with me, the admin in question also being wilson. Apparently a similiar case if you ask me, the hop is noted for not interfering with an hijack.

I believe wilson has built an eorg paradise thingies in both my note round and the other player’s note round and the hijacks really prevented crew from finding it, angering wilson and making them note out.

This is only a suspicion, needs proof. I need an admin to tap into the logs and actually prove this othewise this is a mere suggestion.

If I actually get to be proven in the right here I’ll be really disappointed. If I’m wrong no big deal on my part. I should still be allowed to hijack to not go to centcom after molesting their employees or ordering a traitor bring us to a safehouse.

EDIT: Clarification: I just want an admin to prove if wilson really build anything big in centcom during both the round Magnifique and I got noted on thanks in advance

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You’ve clearly read my ban appeal but I share the same suspicion.

If you truly believe this is the case you’ll need to make an admin report for it, this is a ban appeal and will be handled by the banning admin as all cases are.

I’m gonna start off by disappointing you.
Here’s the building logs for the round where I made the CC backroooms thing
Now for the round where I noted the HoP

And now for the round where I noted you

As you can see I’ve barely done any building in both of those rounds. So please, keep your crackpot theories to yourself in the future, it doesn’t help your case.
Besides, I’ve stated before that if a hijack were to happen during a round where I prepped something, I would just mass-teleport everyone to that place after the round had ended.

Now, as to what happened in-round.
The traitor explorer, Candace, asked OP to kill their target and gave then the syndie box of throwing weapons

Now, I bring to question, how exactly does a heretic know that a syndicate agent can re-rout the shuttle console to a syndicate base?

Have you perhaps considered that your play style does not with within the server rules? I personally observed you wordlessly kill two people when you were close to ascencion.

You know, there’s this string of text in our rules that people like you tend to conveniently forget about

Succeeding as an antagonist is not the “goal” of SS13, the goal is for all players to have fun.

By that point most of security was either dead or ghouled by you, captain was also killed by your hands and your had his ID. You had all the means to recall the shuttle, and yet you decided to go gamer mode and wordlessly kill people, which just reeks of NRP gamer behaviour that is not fit for a RP server.

It’s not that I dislike loud antags, is that I dislike non-murderbone antags hijacking for no reason

You know, I was going to address each thing, but its just not worth it. At least not in great detail. I’ll just swing by some key points.

Wilson, I know you have good intentions. You really do work hard to try and make the server a better place. But you gotta take a step back here. Why did you bwoink him? The note was for asking a traitor to hijack. Anything else is irrelevant.

How did he know a traitor could hijack? Because anyone can hijack.

How did he know there was a traitor? Because we talked to them on more than one occasion.

Why would he want the shuttle hijacked? because we just commit a ton of homocide on the station, and CC would probably try and put us down. Going literally anywhere else would be better.

How did we know that the shuttle went to the Syndicate? We didn’t. We don’t have to. The shuttle going to the syndicate is a restriction by mechanics. Its the only other place the shuttle goes.

This is an admission of guilt. You disliked his actions, on a personal level, and found an excuse to punish him for it. There can be good reasons to hijack even without the objective.

adding the PR to the thread is just unnecessary. I dont know what that accomplishes. It feels like bait. I want to get into the PR, but this isn’t the place to discuss it, and you know it. It isn’t relevant.

Also let it be known that I have nothing else to add to this past this. I am washing my hands clean of this thread as of now. Hope it stays on track.


Bruh what? Admins don’t like rule breakers, but that doesn’t mean they respond because of personal reasons.

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I want to say heretic turns murderbone after ascension. (I didn’t kill anyone except in self-defense after my ascension, but I damn well had a legal-pass to.)

This is pretty common sense from my point of view, if they are in the syndicate they probably know a location of some sites or safehouses. A traitor would know better than a heretic to hijack. I for myself probably were taught by the eldtrich gods.

This is assuming that all admins are 100/100 people that we can trust. Why do we even have admins that were fired in the past? You may want to look at that one page where it shows the admins that got fired for abusing their powers. It’s #admin-strikes. This is similiar to a police officer. If you read news you know that a good amount of them got fired for being racist/abusive and other stuff and the same sitaution does mirror out to game admins.

Thanks Malovent for having my back, imagine if I went ash heretic, converted no one and had no one to cover me up with their part of the story right?

I still stand by my point that your RP conduct during the round had been subpar and the hijack situation was the tipping point. Also

Your actions and words during the round make me believe you came up with this on the spot, after I bwoinked you. And I still stand by my point that what you did there was based on metaknowledge and OOC motivation.
As such I’ll be denying and closing this appeal, apologies for making it take so long.

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