Burrrkey banned by acronad

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
5 days
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
This was processed like 3 months after the initial event i forgot
Ban Reason:
Apparently I have been banned for just murderboning as a lone operative, this completely went under my radar as well as I wasn’t even playing ss13 during the baning, before or after the banning period for like a 2 months time span. It says there that I had only tried to plasmaflood and murder people as a nuclear operative. This sounds pretty interesting as I’m alone versus a 30 manned crew and a captain that is covered by 6 people if I recall correctly. Admin seems to have noted in the player report page ( Burrrkeye Player Report - Player Input / Player Reports - BeeStation (beestation13.com)) that I have had no intention of going after the disk apparently. I don’t know how dying next to the captain has no intention that’s a very interesting and confident statement.
Appeal Reason:
As completely explained above my intentions were to thin crew out to reach the disk I don’t know what the reporter (who is an admin which is pretty frightening because from my point of view they have a very bad judgement) or the admin that handled the report was thinking. Considering they were both admins I feel like they just hate me for not teaming up with them. I don’t like teaming with other antagonist as they have reported me for not teaming with them. What reason I have to team with people? At the time someone had written a good statement and I just kept it as my defense and never looked back into that ticket thinking it’d be enough but the admins thought otherwise. I don’t even understand why am I not allowed to thin the crew out if I’m going to eliminate everyone already.
Additional Information:

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No? I made the report because I barely saw any attempts to roleplay from you
Hell, you only have 7 say logs while being alive as the loneop


What does this have to do with anything? I have a simple mission, blow the station, I’m spicing things up doing plasmaflood and stuff trying to get the disk from a well armed crew. Just cause I didn’t talk I didn’t make the round better? You’re being very weird. I’m an operative sent to blow the station I can’t risk the mission. Not talking to anyone is good rp in itself. What even is the standing point here?

That is extremely debatable.


This is like having a you must roleplay with crew forcing for the deathsquad. Nuclear operatives and deathsquad operators are very alike with each other. And they both murder all the station no words spoken.

“You’re a professional working for a major corporation. Act like you want to keep your job.” I think that sentence straight up settles my point in.

I’ll give a more detailed response when i actually get a chance but for now i wanted to address this. I was the admin handling the report and was not even in round, not teaming up with people had nothing to do with it. Making baseless claims like this will do nothing to help you here.

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Just chiming in to offer you the point of view of another player, not an admin.

I would love for you to consider how acting as a lone operative BOT, as the syndies that sometimes are spawned in or found in ruins, is not good RP.

You’re literally acting as bot written with few lines of codes, without dialogue and doing nothing than clicking on a screen until everyone/everything or you are horizontal.

I mean… that’s not even an interesting AI, this is something people coded as far as the first games ever made.

Do you truly believe that offering the experience of a doom 1 bot(the one from 1993) is GOOD RP?!


I’m sure that, because it seems to me you’re interested in continue playing here, that this can’t be the case.

And, in fact, they are both extremely wrong.

Let me try to better illustrate my point by writing down 2 rounds. What you did(from reading this ban appeal and the report) and what it could have happened.


Crewmember! Pew pew!

Officers! Pew pew!

Plasmafood! Burn, it must all burn(failing to do so)

Medbay! Crewmembers and officers, pew pew! Oh no, I’m hit, arghhhhh…



Imagine, for a moment, being syndicate born. You have been told that those NT parasytes are the evil incarnate and that all your life should revolve around killing them. Hey, we in the syndicate backstab, kill and ambush each other but that’s just to keep us sharp, aye?

And then here you are.

The lone operative. The most selfless syndie possible, trained from the day you were born to burn your own life in a blaze of glory. For all that’s good in the syndicate.

Ambition, because it leads to the exertion of your capabilities to their limits.

Greed, because the more opulent your life will be the more richness you will have plundered in the name of syndicate. Plus anything you buy makes another richer, keeping the economy moving. Your own egoism is the most altruistic value to have, in syndicate’s space.

Mercilessness. The less doubts and hesitations you have, the more direct your path to glory is. You will embark on many wrong and fruitless journeys, during your life. But the more committed you are to them, the sooner you’ll be able to exaust the useless or counterproductive ones. Finding quicker the paths that will lead to your own realization.

And here you are, on the station as a lone op. Ready to bring the syndicate’s judgement down on the heads of these weak vermins. For which :

Ambition doesn’t lead to excellence, because any power within them is used just to keep others from reaching that very same position.

Greed produces a revolting display where they, reached a certain level, just architet how to steal for themselves empoverishing the whole community instead than enriching it.

Mercilessness is them just means being senselessly cruel toward others. Even their loved ones. There is not even a gram of loyalty in their fat bodies and now is the time to make them explode.

But then it dawns on you.

They are acting as a squad. The vast majority of them, that doesn’t flee, try to help each other. You even witness some of them so brave to advance under your fire to recover the bodies of their friend. Without thinking even for a moment to return your fire or focusing on just killing you.

There’s no bloodlust in the vast majority of them. Some egoism, but readily sacrificed when another crewmember, not even a family member, falls under your fire. There is valor and courage here, in abundace! If your masters lied to you on them for all your life, how deep does the rabbit hole go?

You need to know.

Continuining to fire to cover your access to a maintenance hatch, you notice @WilsonPH showing you an emag. It might be true? The syndicate didn’t send only you? Maybe this other operative will have the informations you need to clear your mind. And maybe he will even have a plan on how you two can leave the station, if you continue to decide on making it explode, arming the nuke.

But you aren’t so sure about anything, anymore.

The maintenance hatch closes behind you and you have finally the occasion to recollect your thoughts and ponder about what to do next.

And so the story continues…

Please @Burrrkeye1 try to see the other side too. There are incredibly solid reasons on why the admins deemed your actions as all except RP driven. And claiming the opposite, while throwing shades on their integrity, is quite abhorrent to witness.

We are a RP server. It’s like a session 0 in D&D. It’s not that your way of playing or our way is better. It’s just that like-minded people do enjoy the presence of like-minded people, like the good old Aristotle said.

If, after reading all what’s above, you will still not be persuaded by our point of view, then by all means, I do wish only the best for you.

But probably Bee isn’t the best fit where to search this best.


Starting with the emag part, I was very much engaged in a battle and it took me multiple times of them showing the emag around to actually realize. BUT, I have a very strict instinct not to trust other antagonists in the game. Considering my own act of eliminating other antagonists to get their greed to grow stronger to accomplish my goals. Syndicate is a loose confedaration of minor factions and all the agents factions are in clash with another agent of another minor faction. Where as it’d be dumb to trust anyone unless the situation suggests I have no other choice. Considering they are in captain attire, the emag could very well belong to a prisoner they have captured or just be an NT model toy I never really examined the emag, I don’t know that part.

Also I do not get the part the where writing a story in your mind that only you know really aids in making a round more spicing (It’s a story that only I will know, because I have no allies as a loneoperative to share my story with and I am not the type of guy to talk to myself). The only part you changed from what I did was the walk into maints part. Listen, playing loneop is hell of a ride itself, as soon as you start, in the first 5 seconds you will meet your first enemy the space carp, that is attacking you while you are reading the briefing pop-up. Realizing you are being hit, you close the brifefing pop-up (its gone forever you cant view it again, make the role also harder to learn for newbies) and kill the carp swiftly. You have already lost a good 20 health points. Now you check your IC memories, it says onboard station self-destruct system. So you have to get in? Buy some stuff, stealth or loud. You engage with crew at some point. And no what you don’t seem to understand in combat you can’t really rp interesting stuff or talk to anyone, stopping to talk means swift death. This is a limitation of the game. But I have made attempts to roleplay with the officer once I had lung punched them 3 times (they will suffocate and fall asleep), knowing I have won I asked them to give up and seeing them desperately keep fighting. As posted above one of my logs says “You have already died” is where it was said. Again in combat it is hard to get roleplay opportunies, especially as you don’t want to lose your precious life. The loneop also does not have any allies it can communicate with to talk even. Hell I have even seen a warops round that gone yesterday, same stuff, nukeops only blast people but once they know they win they call the disk holder to surrender (because they are on very low hp), in combat, you don’t talk until you have secured your temporary victory. Again the game limits you in roleplay due to the role being a combatative who has no time to lose (not saying rp is a waste of time it makes the best of rounds, but imagine a round where the nuclear operative tries to call every single guy he’s fighting to surrender) , you can’t trust anyone else, combat is already hard enough in itself (Which have I told you I had krav maga + CQC that round, yeah don’t remember using CQC at all krav maga glitched my CQC out and that was like 15 tc (I dont remember the pricing), so I played the round with inquisition level tc). I was stressed out on everything, disadvantageous start, loud approach, 6 or how many crew members armed with mosins defending the captain, active AI interruption, equippment limitation. Lone operative is in a much different mindstate than you try to understand and you can’t do much when stressed.

The main issue of Wilson was that I refused to team with him. Which I’m clarifying here again. Syndicate is a loose federation of minor factions. Everyone’s in clash. You can’t really trust people unless you are working as a team sent by a singular minor faction. I get this idea because the syndicate likes to send multiple people to steal a singular item at times. At other times they give you objectives to kill another operative. Hell you aren’t even forbid from killing them for their gear.

What I’m talking about is coming really weird to me that isn’t obsolote to you as much as it is to me. Because everyone has played antag at point and went loud. Being loud on your own is stressing enough that you don’t think much. We’re talking here that I was reported for not teaming with another syndicate member (that I don’t even remember if they were an antag in that round or not because said round happened like 6 or 5 months ago and the report was processed 3 months after the events) that can kill me if they just simply want to and the syndicate won’t send a clean up team to get rid of them they have nothing stopping them from doing so, let’s not talk about how easily someone’s trust can be crushed by an easy trap. It seems to me that Wilson wanted to team with and betray me and because I don’t trust other syndicates people this has made them unhappy. After all, you can’t betray if you’re not trusted.

In general what seems unfair to me is that I have chosen not to trust someone and have been reported for not roleplaying at all? When did I even have a chance to do so? I had told the officer they have lost when I had the chance. Besides, I don’t really remember what happened in that round besides plasmaflood and clash with the officer in engineering. It feels sad someone can just claim you have not roleplayed at all just because you didn’t want to go their way and what is worse for me is they are an admin, an admin needs a better judgement, they have literally volunteered into this.

Now to respond to Acronad, their statement when processing the report was this:
After reviewing the logs it seems from their Dchat after dying as a loneop that the player had no intentions of going after the disk to nuke the station and instead just wanted to kill other players and plasmaflood the station. A lone-ops goal is to nuke the station and destroy everything, while they are murderbone and can kill anyone and plasma flood for their goal, they should strive for their goal of nuking the station, not just killing every other player just because they want to.
To me this is pretty effortless. Dying next to the disk bearer for them is not enough intention to do my job to them. If you ask me this is an extreme amount of mis-judgement. To think they are a full admin they should have a better judgement.

They have also stated I can kill everyone and that I can’t kill everyone just because I want to. Here are my engagements with the crew:

  • Security Officer, this is very obsolete.
  • Medical Doctor, saving the officer’s life multiple times and taking the corpse away from me so I see fit to kill them.
  • Crew Guarding the captain, Why not?
  • Captain, Why not?
  • Plasmaflood, intended on halls only I am going to make use of my elite hardsuit, the station is to be destructed by the nuke anyway, collecteral does not matter.

As Acronad stated themself, I can do anything in order to reach my objective considering I have murderbone escalation, so I don’t get the part where fighting people in path of my objective is against my goals?
They have a made a very unfair statement. This is where my “baseless” claim of admin teaming comes from. From my point of view, you just wanted to clear this 3 month old report because no one else was doing it or whatever. What do you mean by "no intention to get the disk? I was killed by captain and the people guarding him. Is that no intention toward my goal? You got some explaining to do here.

EDIT: sorry 1 month later

This is all about the rules.

You said a total of 16 words while other people tried to interact with you.

As much as anyone tries to spin it around wordless murder is not RP.

Also you saying you love to grief before spawning and doing what you did doesn’t paint a good light on you. (The plasma flood together with this may be what really got you into trouble…)


I said I love griefing because that’s my way of being an antagonist, to sabotage, because in my opinion that’s what makes a round fun. Not just fighting the crew and also the station itself. As the admin handled the report said, I can do whatever I wish in pursuit of my goals. Not to mention only captain has tried to talk to me in and was in my opinion trying to bait me for a betrayal or to team with me. So if an antagonist likes to grief, is it bad for you? That’s a different point of view considering antagonists have a wide approach to what they can do to change how the round goes.

Okay, let’s say he was.

You RP with him and get betrayed.

What are the consequences and effects of this?

What happens then?

I die, simple as. Don’t you value your life in real life as well? Everyone values their life.

This is not the place to argue about this. Please do not peanut post in the ban appeal, only post if you have something relevant to add about the situation in question. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to get around to this yet.

Let me start by saying that judging from the amount you wrote, and the passion that transpires from it, I do think you’re not a bad actor.

Just a misguided one!

Is it true that the syndicate mindset doesn’t actually foster genuine trust.

But it is still called the syndicate because, as in any real crime family, they know that acting together IS what can lead them to a chance to win against such a monolytic entity as NT.

Your POV instead is that unless you’re almost nuggeted in game, then there’s no reason to even try to interact them with them, because betrayal and murder are abundant amongst your ranks.

And yes, they are.

But not all the time, not always and particularly not on the field! Or the syndicate would be long gone, having exstinguished itself, without any NT intervention at all!

Or they coul have been so incredibly skilled to have climbed NT ranks!

In that case how many possibilities are now open for you?

It’s a pity that with your mindset you could play another 10.000 rounds, you’ll simply never know!

Because you’ll never act differently…

It’s a story that will be in your mind alone as long as you don’t interact.

If you tried far more solidly to interact, you could have had plenty of chances to share it!

And sharing it would have opened to you the chance of changing your own future, making the round far more interesting for you and all others!

Only because you see almost everyone repeat a bad(or at the very least uninteresting) behaviour consistently, doesn’t condemn you to repeat it!

Be amongst the first ones to go outside the beaten path and reap a treasure of fascinating interactions during the ride!

Can’t you see the whole reason for that ungodly amount of stress?

That you wanted to win at all costs!

By all means, do try your best to be the best threat one can be mechanically. But hey, that’s not a MMO. You won’t keep any shinies you stole nor your kill ratio will improve or anything.

This game is just a platform that resets itself daily and multiple times.

We are each other treasures.

Playing just to go pew pew empoverish us all, without making anyone having a better ride. Unless the perpetrator, if he is truly able to get any excitement from such a… robotic like way of playing.

Again, you acted almost as a lone operative bot, at least in my humble opinion.

Greentext means nothing, objectives mean nothing.

The admins left them in the game just to offer some starting guidance for the players.

And they let any antagonist have a lot of freedom not to murder better/more but to let any antagonist try to attempt any approach to make the round more fun, without fearing a ban! (within reason, of course!)

Even if this was the case, let the others choose the poorest way to go about something.

Maybe he would just stole your weapon. Or your armor. Or the nuke codes?

The point is that the questions @PinkSuzuki wrote were to stimulate an answer from you.

Possibly a far better, deeper and more interesting answer than “I die”.

Because let me tell you, I didn’t just compared you to a bot with the intent of offending you. (I hope this was clear!) I did because when I witness some actions, sometimes I… truly struggle to find any difference between some people’s actions and a bot.

Being an old Golden player, I can’t stress enough how answering each single time in the most mechanically efficient way possible is… very boring. Absolutely dull.

And from the answer you wrote I would say that I would get the same, exact feeling from witnessing you playing a round as loneop.

About the rest I can’t truly comment, but I have yet to see or even hear a complete baseless action from a Beemin. But see, what I hope replying to you is just to spark the same kind of passion you showed you have writing this answer, RPing in game!

Because believe me, you just showed us all you got quite the philosopher in you when you want! :wink:

And I would love to see this kind of commitment to explain your side and your motivation, in game as an antagonist!

You would shine truly brightly then! :slight_smile:

PS : I hope this does not count as peanut posting as any of the post above from the other users, we are just bee enjoyers trying to help another one of us trying to see the potential that he has.

But hey, feel free to erase everything if I’m in the wrong!^^

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This is one part I’ll explain, for me a human’s first instict is survival and the first rule in the server is to roleplay and we are roleplaying as humans we should aim to survive, I gave that short answer because it seemed obsolete. Also because when I die with as the character with most ability to change the round I want to actually change it as much as I can. I died? Oh no he died but there’s still a plasmaflood in effect. Actually I had in mind to plasmaflood, walk in fire with my elite hardsuit and attempt an interraction. I didn’t really want to talk at all until I had a safezone. Because unlike nuclear ops I don’t have an infiltrator ship. This is the most stressing part of the loud antags. To like not really have a breathing point. Because shuttle can be called if you play it too good. You can be taken out. You are very hopeless without a safezone to rest. I mean I could’ve taken the entire maint but I went a melee kit so tight maintenance is a bad option for me. I’m not saying like I don’t rp just cause I avoived a big interaction. The problem is that I want to change the course of the round when I have this very rare chance at it. A plasmaflood is one of my favorite things and can be done so rarely commonly by kill everyone objectived malf AI and that is so rare. When you roll an antagonist this rare, you want to pull the funniest shit you can to bring the most fun to everyone. In my opinion chaos makes it fun, the urge to cause it and to recover from it. I enjoy if the station is griefed to heck like no gravity, plasma, no air, whatever, to survive from it while saving others trying to understand what is happening is fun for me. But a lot of people are on the contary with me when I do this. I can’t really interract with a guy when I don’t feel safe.

It also feels weird when it says in the rule an antagonists goal is to spite the round, yes that part I always do try to change in the round, but then it says not to greentext. Greentext is what your employer wants to do. In my opinion the a nuclear operative shouldn’t abandon his primary goal just to roleplay. Of course you can roleplay great things that climbs the ladder towards the greentext. But I wasn’t really skilled with combat to get past the first stage that led me to where I’d interract with the crew.

For short I want to feel safe before interraction so I can keep interracting for longer periods instead of a single interraction that could possibly lead to my defeat and the deal is settled. Just because I ignored one don’t mean I will not seek another.

Could people that are not involved and aint staff stop discussin shit in ban appeals please? That’d be great.

Didnt read most of those huge text walls tbqh, so sorry if some of what im bouta say has already been adressed.

acronad will get to the appeal eventualy™

Gonna give my oppinion while im at it responding, i suppose.
the “ban reason” field is supposed to have the actualy fucking ban reason. Not a thicc ass paragraph of text about what happend.

here is the actual ban reason:

“Took a lone-op seemingly solely to kill other players and plasma flood. Made no attempts to get the disk and nuke the station.”

Now, antags are not exempt from having to roleplay. AT ALL.
But… you cant exactly expect elite soldiers to stop for a chat over coffee with the enemy, either.

Obviously lone ops are perfectly allowed to just kill evryone in sight, they’re nukies. Not a verry good stragey, but thats up to you.
However, if you’re gonna be that way, you should atleast make an attempt to complete the mission you were sent to do. Get that fukn disk, set the nuke, fuck off.
Like a professional.

I didnt (and wont!) do any looking into into wether this is actualy what happend. But if you just utterly ignored the goal of getting the disk, just to go murder more people…
Thats pretty shitty.

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I had explained captain had 6 people guarding him with guns and I was kileld by captain and his friends. I can’t get enough of asking you how was I not headed for the disk.

I was killed by the disk bearer and his crew, mind you there.

If we’re going to ban people for failing to do their antag goals because they have died trying I guess I don’t have a right to even defend myself but the situation suggests that, failing your objectives is not a rulebreak from what you all have been telling me.

I’m not even talking about that I was reported for not roleplaying at all and just murdering people, which I have right to because the station decided to arm their crew for whatever reason and captain is guarded by 6 people. I was killed by the disk-bearing squad. Isn’t this like, obsolete at this point?

I have killed a single officer that crossed me in my initial entry point to the station and went right for the disk and was stopped on my track at the main hallway. (This is very frustrating considering 3 admins couldn’t understand that I was killed by the captain (they have the disk) this really frightens me :confused:, am I like just not clear enough or something? What am I doing wrong when I walk to the disks way and just get killed there by crew?)

i told you i skipped the walls of text, man. And that i didnt do any looking into.

If thats all there is to it, that sounds fine to me.

I’d bet theres something more to it though, cant imagine why the ban would have “Made no attempts to get the disk” in the reason if you were fighting the cap
Unless acr fucked up in log reading or such

that’s what I’m trying to say when I pointed the admins were like teaming on me about this. It feels like acronad is either incompotent or just botched it up considering my report on this event was handled like after 1 or 2 months I just feel like they wanted to clean the report away from the dusty racks. I don’t really like blaming people to get away with something. BUT for me the situation suggests so that they just saw another admin reporting a player and felt like “if this guy’s an admin they were probably in the right let me just ban this guy” and I wanted to point it out. I hate repeating myself but the logs should tell you enough that I was engaged in combat with captain and others. Sorry if I sound angry or anything but an incompotent admin/one with mis-judgement is a problem situation. People can always fuck up on things but when I see 2 admins in 1 report page that catches my attention in instant.