Bullshit ban

CKEY: GoldShipping

Admin’s CKEY: Raxraus

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: LRP

Ban Type: Job Ban

**Ban Length:1 day

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019/12/07

Round ID: 10319

Ban Reason: Killed a roboticist as a non-antag scientist because they wanted to kick him out of robotics. Started off as a shoving match but escalated into a lethal welder fist fight with the roboticist losing. Tossed his corpse into the disposals even though he knew he was a non-antag.

Appeal Reason: I don’t think i should be banned, i don’t think that’s really over-escalation, because the roboticist fucking attacked me for taking tools he was never going to use, stole my shit and attacked me after i said i wasn’t going to attack him anymore. AAAAAAAAND THERE IS THE BULLSHIT THAT I NEVER HEARD ABOUT THAT YOU NEED TO FUCKING REVIVE SOMEONE THAT YOU KILLED AFTER ATTACKING YOU.

Additional Information:

That rule actually do exist and it’s not my fault that you didn’t read it. Break and Entry escalation rule number 4: “IF 3 fails, you may crit them and get them to medbay and make sure that they get healed.” However, in this case you dead ass just killed them so yeah.

As far as I understand it, this started because you first broke into the place, they completely validly tried to non-lethally remove you from their workplace, and then you threw the first actual damaging punch, and after they hit back you immediately killed the guy. In my honest opinion, this feels not only to be overescalation, but mild validbaiting as you didn’t kill him until he hit.

tl;dr: You not only attacked them in their place of work, but you also hit first.

because the roboticist fucking attacked me for taking tools he was never going to use

That feeling when roboticists typically use ALL the tools in their area, because another scientist comes in and takes a few.

Even then, they really shouldn’t, so you have no reason to.

Uhhhh, this kind of situation always ends with lethal force if the offender won for the first time, after defender got healed he will strike offender again and in 90% of the times lethally so offender chooses to not risk again. It’s LRP and I think it’s ok. Dude got cucked on. Standard stuff on our lovely robust station. Maybe it was a bit bad to kick the dude so fast after shoves but… well not a big of deal.