Buggy The Clown Player Report

Buggy The Clown Player Report


Your Discord:trifolium

Offender’s CKEY:unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Buggy The Clown

Server (Sage or Acacia): sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD):23/9/11

Round Number: 45801

Rules Broken: 1, 7, 8?

Incident Description: Sprayed crude messages (“Sweaty balls” “fart porn” etc) around medbay. Stole my wheelchair three times and tried to drag me around the whole station- most notably standing outside chemistry (and eventually breaking in) during an active blob threat, which prevented me from delivering medical supplies that the crew fighting the blob were desperately asking for. Also called me rude names after each time he stole my wheelchair, such as “gimpy”.

Additional Information: The blob ended up destroying the station, which could possibly have been prevented if I were able to deliver medical supplies and chem grenades to those in the fight. He did not value his own life, nor the rest of ours.


yeah even the clown isn’t exempt from getting serious durring Red and potential Delta alerts.
if they’re just spraying crude things about, no one will blame you if you ask SEC to shake down the clown for Disruptive Conduct and Superficial Vandalism. Stealing your Wheelchair could count as an assault charge too and letting SEC know he’s eyeballing Chemistry would be good way to get him hauled off to brig.


I would like to add that the name “Buggy the Clown” is a naming violation as it is the name of a well-known fictional character

Clowns are exempt from this rule, mostly.

  • Clowns, Mimes and Wizards: May completely ignore the guidelines outlined above, but are still up to admin discretion on whether a name is inappropriate in general. Names should not impersonate staff or other player characters.
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