Buffs to the Chaplain

In short: Lets give the chaplain some hints when spiritual antagonists reach a specific peak.

In my experience with the cultist, the rounds are fun only if the crew has a chance to resist them. These events happen when the cultists are already with red-eyes, but the cultist get found and the alarms starts ringing. In my mind this is the definition of a perfect round for both sides during a blood cult game.

There are 2 scenarios that come to my mind, that ussualy prevents this round from coming to true:
Cult gets cought very early or when the cult is so skilled that the cult gets found out only when the halos appear. The case when crew finds halos is the point where the cult steam rolls and rushes nar’sie without resistance. This happened in the last round, where the chaplain was watering his plants and he got caught with his pants down.

So I brainstormed a bit and thought on… Since the definition of a chaplain is a wise person that is very spiritually connected, what if the chaplain and only the chaplain got small hints on what’s going on the station. For example when the cultists get red eyes, chaplain is informed by a private text saying on the lines of “You feel a dark presence on the station”.

This seems within character for him to feel that something is going on wrong and this can be expanded onto other antags as well, for example Clockies, Heratics and Revenant, with different quotes for it.

For example:
When Revenant levels up by a certain amount of levels.
When Heratic performs some amount of Sacrifices.
When Clockies aquire a certain amount of power.


Maybe something along those lines, but this is a really bad way to do it.

It’s quite literally just handing over free meta information.


This would straight up say “There are cultists here”. I’d like this message to be displayed… from almost all dark magical creatures. Heretical sacrificing, Revenant spawn, Cultists reaching red eyes and halos, and so on. Just so you can not pin point exactly what it is. This is the reason why the flavour text from getting new genetical traits was removed, it allowed you to tell exactly what you got.


Something very subtle like the red eyes, but only something the chap can see could work. Cultists have a slight absorb light effect after reaching 4+. That way it allows for more back and forth RP as only the chap can see it, and its faint. The cult could gaslight chap, sec could doubt chap and ask for proof ect.


chap says cult sec gets the holy water… confirms cult.

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Just to reiterate…
The whole point of this announcement of impending doom is to give the crew a fighting chance, when there is dangerous threat on the station.

While in the cult example, yes the chaplain does gain a meta-game knowledge, that cult exist, this warning is given or is supposed to be given at a reasonable time, when the opponent is mid-way ready to reveal themselves.

The only reason I suggest that the chaplain is informed is because, canonically it would suit him to feel the danger growing.