Buff ATMOS holofan

Change number of charges from 3 to 4-6, since fastmos is currently the main reason why shuttle gets called early.
That’s it, thank you all for coming to my TED talk.


step 1 bag of holding
step 2 put one trashbag of holding into it and put more atmos holofans than ull ever need into that bag.
step 3 spraypaint another trashbag of holding and put that in the boh too. put your used up holofans into that one.


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How does one recharge a holofan anyway? I barely use them. Besides that I don’t see why this wouldn’t be good

charge as a limited amount of holograms
you can “recall” them by using the holofan in hand

I have 15% Atmos tech, I am ashamed I don’t know that. But now knowing this it definitely sounds like a good idea and I might actually use it

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I’d also suggest giving engiborg a one with 8-10 charges - they can’t get more holofans anyways
Right now the meta when dealing with big atmo leak as borg looks something like this:

  1. Locate leak
  2. If for some god know what reason someone used syndicate bomb, wall off the affected rooms and pretend they dont exist

(Yes, yes I know - it’s technically a Cyborg buff. But Zesko wants my head anyways since I called viro useless today)

I think the atmos holofan is fine at three charges given how quick they are to place and move, and while I’m not opposed to 6 charges I think we’d still encounter the same general issue of how limited they are.

Begs the question why fans aren’t something we can normally construct outside of aux bases?

Iron + Cable = Motor
Wrench motor to floor
Add iron for fan blades
Require power?

Now just need some Iron, cable and a wrench to get a fan in place and the rest of the breach can be walled off with normal walls easily enough as long as there’s iron available

viro is 100% useless for anything other than killing everyone as an antag

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if you could build fans, people would build them EVERYWHERE since less work = more time to not fix