Buck Powell Player Report

In-game report:

   CKEY: Howluinb

   Your Discord: Howluinb31153#1759

   Offender’s CKEY: No clue

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Buck Powell , Crazy Diamond (their stand)

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 24/02/2021

   Round Number: 27346

   Rules Broken: 5. Don't Self Antag , 9. No Powergaming

   Incident Description: 

Summary : In this shift, Buck Powell literally killed off command and tried to get the shuttle recalled (along with killing/oding on morphine several crewmembers)

In details : Buck Powell, miner with holopara, envy knife, syringe gun with lethal doses of morphine (bs syringes with 60u), comes to hopline asking for science and medical all access (except rd and cmo office).

Upon being asked to fill paperwork, he yells and gives an almost empty paper with just written that he’s “all the antagonists”, showing off his stand and dagger. He then proceeds to say “I will bust your shit down if you dont give me what I want.” I find him mildly amusing, so i go “okay, just fill in the paper and i will”. He starts to yell, bust down the flash off of my line, then proceed to start busting down the table. I call over sec, and he proceeds to bust down the vault doors off of hop office, try and attempt to kill me, before literally chasing me through all of bridge and busting down all the doors in hunt for me - culminating in me being killed off by a ling teratoma (and them yelling that they want to find me to make me suffer a fate worse than death)

Further on in the shift, he starts to get the idea to remove the captain and become the captain instead because cap called shuttle- so he goes to bridge and this time gets the captain in severely low health, before asking everyone on the station to hunt for said cap and get him killed. Upon the cap finally dying in space (no idea how he ended up there), he proceeds to loot the AA, and start to do his best to recall the shuttle (not knowing you can’t recall past the halfway point).

All during that, a player reported having been shot by him with his syringe gun which made them overdose - and everyone thought they were a rev or a traitor, since they killed several bystanders for going against him, as he killed a miner for killing the space dragon who literally ate the cap - and ordering his stand to kill several other people for no other reason that not following his orders.

Then, finally, on shuttle, he gets angry that people don’t consider him captain or something - so he proceeds to request his stand to bust down the shuttles walls to get everyone killed off (after having already killed half of the shuttle by himself for no other reason than wanting to feel powerful). It did work, considering he spaced himself in the process.

Before all of this, he was apparently validhunting hard (hence the amount of gear he had). I’ve not witnessed this firsthand, only heard it on the discord.

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