Brumm Amanita / Breathes-The-Ash / Alex Schmidt (Impish_Delights) Feedback

Heya, while I was originally gonna be asking just about my medical/botany moth Brumm, I decided to open it up to my other two main characters as well! Alex Schmidt, the service/engineer felinid, and Breathes-The-Ash, the cargo/detective lizard.

I still remembered the time we were paired together for Valentine’s. The incredibly awkward story of the love between an AI and a syndie botanist.

Alex feels very standoffish; most interactions I remember is Alex being curt when I ask what they’re up to, but at least it’s a discernable and consistent personality trait.

Good RP, but I don’t think most of my characters would be friends with Alex.


I am once again asking for your feedback, more pointedly at my lizard Breathes-The-Ash as she has evolved into my new main on the server. She’s been taking a break from crate pushing and worshiping her god to aid in renovating the station as an assistant, usually taking over the commissary room to turn it into a sweet bar.

10/10 assistant explorer, would bring along again.

I am once again (For the first time in literally a year) asking you to rate my lizard. I no longer care about the felinid (Engineering has fallen to the side) or moth (medbay has also fallen to the side) and asking for your input or thoughts on the Greyshirt/Jannie lizard.