Bruh ban 10 chars

Was browsing old ban appeals,found this one.
Breaking into armory is an ic issue,breaking lockers is ic issue too,so he got banned for 61 days for attempting to kill(not even killing)a detective that was trying to stop him.I dont understand this one.Can someone explain?

They killed the detective for trying to stop them.

Everyone’s allowed a little bit of grief as a non-antag. But killing other players goes too far. If you keep putting yourself in situations where you are forced to kill other players as a non-antag, you’ll get banned.

61 days for not killing a detective seems too much is my point

The guy wrote in the appeal reason that he didnt kill the det and unless he lied he didnt,so he got banned for dealing brute damage with an axe(obviously in self-defense since its stated that detective was trying to stop him),and not even killing the guy

“Previous auth given for any further self antag and grief as shown on watchlist, Appeal on the forums. - Auth Kasual.”

You’re also not seeing where they’re a player known to put themselves in a situation to kill other players that are only doing their job.

You can’t break into the armory and kill every sec officer that try to stop you as a non-antag.
You can slip em with lube, you can shoot em with a disabler, you can run away. But you can’t kill.

I mean ban is valid only if he didnt heal the sec after.Even if he critted the guy with an axe and then would heal him soon after its not self-antag since the det would just sit in crit for a minute or so until healed.Dealing damage and critting is not the same as killing

If you break into the armory and respond to security trying to detain you with lethal force, you will be banned.

Self Antagging is acting like an antagonist would.

So hes only option is to let detective get him into perma even if hes able to easily crit him for 30 secs,grab the med aid in brig,cuff and heal him,run from brig,since admins ban him if he protects himself in a way that involves brute/burn instead of stamina damage for whatever the reason

He has a option that doesnt prevent detective from playing and would let him stay alive and not in perma but hes unable to use it since admins will ban him for self-antag behavior because 30 secs of detectives time would be spent in crit.