Bruceu banned by hollandaise :(

Title: [CKEY] banned by [Admin’s CKEY]


**Admin’s CKEY:**hollandaise

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**both

**Which server did the ban happen on?**lrp :smiley:

**Ban Type:**job

**Ban Length:**untill 9999(i could wait but beestation cannot B)

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**11/14/2020

**Round ID:**23913

**Ban Reason:**Twisted the anti law2 suicide clause in silicon policy so that they could ignore valid law2 requests from cap to enter the AI satellite for an extended period of time, but the clause only protects AIs from commands to “…harm or kill themselves for no reason…” Not commands that place them in danger from other sources such as this situation. This is a permanent ban from silicons due to you behaviour not improving despite racking up 60 days of silicon bans in total, most of which in the last two months.

**Appeal Reason:**i still remember how the round went :slight_smile: so there was this cap wanted to kill me as an ai and asked me to get into ai chamber which i did not authorize to minimize human harm through having an inactive ai on the station unable to help the humans

**Additional Information:**yea idk happened 3months ago and i wanted to play on bee again as an ai :DDDD @TottalyNotC hi :flushed:



You are the worst AI player I have ever seen, and you completely ignore your laws every round you play as AI in order to validhunt and grief.

This should never be lifted, under any circumstances.


The anti-suicide policy is to prevent silicons from being griefed, not to protect them from their own actions.


dont hate an afro descendant cuz i m beautiful, besides just because i was an effective ai doesnt mean i validhunted and griefed, most peoeple anyway would agree that i was a pretty good ai(from what i recall). Also yea i did validhunt as ai just because like theres this thing called ai laws that seek to prevent human harm, so really if you dont ensure that antags are dealt with when theres no one else doing it you are straight up a bad ai player, also never once on asimov did i intentionally kill a traitor, rev, heretic(all da human antags) instead i would always leave them in perma bathroom with bolted door, i have no idea how you can call that the worst ai player. Ignoring laws is acutally funny doe… and how people actually dont take l1 into account when requesting l2. also i cannot remember if l3 was bound to l1-l2 or just l1. either way i guess if setting up co2 sm, instantly setting all vents on the departments to contain, securing antag objs and having multi camera mode on key positions to help le humans is considered being the worst i would love to watch @Caecilius play ai to teach me what a peak performance pussy consumer looks like :smiley:

edit: i never griefed :DDDD


i mean the thing is, imagine you are chillin in your sat, then comes up le bik changooose red suit man(help intent active) would you, or would you not perma stun him given the chance until sec arrived to arrest him?


it’s certain that the captain gave you an order you had to do, because of law 2. it isn’t certain that your death would lead to crew harm, because that’s literally an assumption. and since ai laws focus on objectivity rather than pragmatism, u can pretty much conclude that you should’ve opened the door for that captain

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doesnt l3 say you should protect yourself because your death would lead to human harm, but only when such doesnt conflict with l1(just protect humans, idk if l2 is also there)

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i mean i just read it and it does not say that. i don’t think ai self-preservation has anything to do with humans

You must protect your own existence as long as such does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

This should not be lifted, there has been nothing but half-assed justifications in this thread so far and you’re one of the worst AI players we have ever had when it comes to trying to find every excuse to be a shitter you can. You don’t even know what your basic laws are at this point despite the amount of time you have as an AI.

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I’m not going to remove this, you’re the most atrocious silicon player I have ever seen, and you also have the worst set of notes/bans for a single role I have ever seen.


oh someone was typing, go ahead and finish if you want to cause I’m gonna close the thread

nevermind someone vanished it

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