BrotherHangyul Staff Feedback Thread

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You’re still alive, which is good. You seem a bit perpetually stressed, which is not. Thought before that was just natural for sec main but looks like that’s just you.

Don’t become a deadmin just because you tried too hard. That would be rather sad.

Good admin, was worried in the beginning you’d burn yourself out but you’ve struck a good balance. Also good taste in music

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Mirroring this now that I’ve worked with them long enough. They mess up, they learn from it earnestly and they do better moving forward from there.


I think you are kinda biased towards sec but otherwise goodmin man

Please elaborate regarding bias.

genuinely surprised you turned out to be an okay person after some very bizarre pre-admin interactions

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pretty based admin so far ngl

Local man stops seething, becomes basedmin

Bumping because I feel good today.

very cool lizard, both before and after admemery.

I have already commented, but its been a month so I have had more time interacting with Hangy.

Just before he became admin, we had a big falling out due to something happening in game, and due to that I was pretty biased against him becoming admin.

I can say now that Hangy is easily one of the best admins on Bee. Based af and fair in adminhelp. Honestly his trial should be over, he has more than proven himself.

After admeme ascension, quickly became someone I consider a friend.

Keep it up :+1:

So long as he doesn’t lose interest first, I predict Hangy will be headmin by mid 2021.

A rocky start as admin, but they have shown an eager willingness to learn and improve at every fault they’ve stumbled over.


makes bad customcoms but is a pretty cool admin from what I’ve seen and I would like to see him move up in the jannie ranks

Not a bad admin by any means, but still has temper issues. Any SS13 community is actual hell to handle, if you’re quick to anger you’re just never going to stop being pissed off while doing admin stuff.

As an admin, some fuckos are always gonna be baiting you. You still take the bait way too willingly, and the explosive way you react to it is just gonn add oil to the fire.
You’re decent, man, but calm down.

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