Brokenchair Mentor Application

Your CKEY: Brokenchair

Your Discord: It Just Works#2636

How long have you been playing ss13?: I think about a year, my acc was made in 2017 but i took a lot of breaks.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Don’t think anyone knows who I am so nobody.

Game Experience (More Detailed):
Command: 7/10- I think I’m pretty good at telling people what to do, I know how to press the red alert button and I know when I probably shouldn’t give the clown or random assistants AA.

Robit (Silicon): 8/10- Most silicon stuff is a bit more on other things, but I do know how to interpret the laws pretty well and open doors.

Science: 7/10- I know how to work the research stuff, and I’d like to think I’m pretty ok at xenobio and robotics, but have barely (if at all) touched toxins, and I’m also not very good at circuits.

Security: 6/10- I know how to check the law and know a portion of the illegal things, as well as check fingerprints in the records, I’m not very robust though.

Engineering: 4/10- I don’t do a lot of engi stuff, so this is without a doubt one of my weak points. Know a good bit about how to get into places, don’t really know how to set up most engines or do atmos stuff. For sure want to figure out how to set up the SM sometime soon.

Supply: 9/10- I know that you gotta send the papers you get with crates back stamped, and pretty much most of the other cargo stuff.

Medical: 6/10- I’m pretty alright at doing some basic medical stuff, I know how to get some mutations and use them in genetics (Unique identifiers confuse me though.), and I played a bit of viro before, for sure want to try that out again and work more on it.

Some questions before I vote. I see a lot of effort, but not a lot was said.

1: How do you figure out what components an unfinished machine requires?

2: MRP: The AI mentorhelps asking if they need to let the non-human captain into their upload for “Law maintenance”, what do you say?

3: Someone mentorhelps about the CMO turning someone into a gorilla with an injector, asking why they were able to do it, how do you respond?

I want to answer these but I will let the dude who this is actually the application of answer

1: After wrenching and wiring and putting in the board, you examine the frame to check what parts the machine requires.

2: Haven’t played on MRP that much so I don’t know if the laws specify crew or human there, but if in asimov law 2 it says human, you don’t need to let them in, if it says crew, you are obliged to let them in.

3: As for why, they probably walked into genetics and either asked for or made themselves an injector allowing them to do it. However, I don’t think that that’s legal if it’s just some random dude.

+1 good answers in my opinion
also MRP AI has crewsimov
Also (here’s where my memory gets fuzzy) I’m fairly certain gorilla injectors are traitor items could be wrong

Yeah I haven’t heard of a gorilla injector before, just assumed it was hypothetical or some mutation I’ve never heard of.

Looking it up, it is a tator item exclusive to CMO or geneticist.

Yeah it’s one of the role exclusive traitor items you can get if I’m remembering correctly
The best part about being a mentor is that it also helps you learn the game as well as help others learn so you’ll learn more as you go along.

A search is okay if you dont understand what the player is asking. As a mentor its your job to know what, and if not what then where. Finding information is just as useful as knowing it. +1 for now

gonna BUMP
20 chicken limit

time to boomp again i guess

Gonna bump you into the SM if you aint careful.


+1, good answers.

I would ask questions but I can’t really think of any.

This should’ve been accepted earlier, and is currently at +4.