Bringing back monkey game mode

It could probably use a rework in a lot of departments, but god I would love to see it back in rotation. It’s probably my favorite old school game mode. Let’s discuss ways we could improve the monkey virus.


No, it’s just awful, let it stay dead.


The main problem with it was that people simply didn’t want to be a monkey. Either they would beat themselves to death or straight up suicide, permanently removing themselves from the round.

This could be solved by changing the mode to a zombie outbreak, but this would make zombies less interesting over time and this is a monkey thread. Instead, monkeys should be able to make non-sentient monkeys available to ghosts as well as enforcement of an antag ban for ghosting/suiciding.

Monkeys could also trip over other monkeys, this needs to be removed.


See, the problem is that monkey gameplay just isn’t that interesting. People are too obviously better than a monkey. I’m saying we give the monkey skill trees that they can work towards collectively. Something that gives them powers and a goal, makes them a force to be reckoned with. Maybe they could EVOLVE based on doing certain tasks or finding bananas.

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old school

I’m not a tg player to be fair but this seemed like a zoomer mode.

Real OLD SCHOOL modes that need to be brought back = METEOR!

Also monkey is just worse revs. Don’t put it back in, make something else with sufficient mechanical differences to not just use revs.

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revs is just worse monkey, being a monkey is obviously cooler than doing the tide thing

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You can totally be a monkey in revs

Revs is a sandbox gamemode like traitor, monkey is fixed and restricted.

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f*ck yeah! lets do it!

I don’t think we need another conversion antag.

I remember playing detective and having a wicked shootout with like five monkeys in the hydroponics bay one shift.

That is literally the one cool thing I can recall about monkey mode.