Bring back human only command

As the local human CMO, I don’t mind a diverse team.
Just filter out the drug addicts that somehow get into command.


imo the drug addict roundstart ketamine OD ghimmick is getting old after I see it go on every round.

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Spin the wheel for if the RD is going to be a junkie today!

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This was specifically about the RD with the Junkie trait

It haunts me every shift

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Hmm today i will snort meth and bathsalts, then command the entire station to craft light tubes and L shaped pipes for our gods under threat of execution by the security firing squad, who are also dressed as animals

last human cap i interacted with looked acted and felt so generic i could smell the vanilla flavoring off them. do you trully want most heads to be vanilla flavored


Except G.O.L.D, most captain I’ve seen in the past 3 days or so are pretty generic.
Humans that have nothing special
Felinids that are obnoxious and UwU
Purple Oozling that is constantly drunk

There might be other captains but none that I can think of


@kit_Katz moment

Fuck it im gonna make a plasmaman captain

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We cant have this because furries and scalies took over Bee.

Let’s be xenophobic, It’s really in this year.


Purple Oozling that is constantly drunk

the only oozeling

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