Brig Physician autoclicker? boogaloo

In-game report:


CKEY: Maxoesss

Your Discord: Maxoess

Offender’s CKEY: Not sure, I’m pretty sure it’s Etudeno14 who has a grand total playtime of about 4 hours

LRP or MRP server: LRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Baar-Bosekus

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 2020-09-14

Round Number: 21255

Rules Broken:

Incident Description:

There’s been a couple of rounds now where a brig physician ran in, perfectly stunbatonning people while zig zagging in any kind of situation. Every time with a random name but the same behaviour.

I reported it a few rounds earlier when he murdered me for bola’ing and shoving him to get away from him after he instaclick spam spasmed me and another person because I hacked an engineering door open. Going so far to when finding out I got cloned completely drug me up so I was in constant hardcrit. Homeboy also lied in his ahelp from what I’ve heard. Appearantly he was noted.

In any case in this round he joined the game, immediatly zoomed into me, bola’d me and fullstripped me while cuffing and basically holding me hostage for ‘‘theft’’, without any further explanation… Stealing every single item on me for his own personal use, while going out of his way to take me out of the protected security part of evac shuttle to bucklecuff me in the main depressurized area so I can slowly die of pressure. Probably to have the excuse of ‘‘I didn’t know it was depressurized’’.

Additional Information:

Dis kinda gay doe and smells as a grudge

*Edit: Homeboy now recently running around as ling killing the entire station with perfect clicks and instant curbstomps. How this somehow flies past jannies with a simple note before baffles me. It’s most likely the same guy who constantly ban evaded and did this shit in the recent past.


resolved in game thanks

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That’s not how that works how THE FUCK do you solve that in game

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what do you mean?

I thought he meant ic Oop-

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