Brian's Guide To Chemical Warfare

Are you tired of using chloral hydrate syringes and lame toxin sprays? Well if you are, look no further, for I, Brian Brainy, the master of chemical warfare brings my guide to advanced chemical weaponry.

Encapsulated Meth Lab Explosion:

  • Tech Requisites: NONE

    Complexity: 3/10

    Primary Use: Mass destruction.

    First Beaker: 100u methamphetamine heated to above 375K.
    Second Beaker: 100u methamphetamine heated to above 375K.

    Have you ever worked in a drug lab, and looked over to see your partner blow is limbs off? This is what happens when you over heat your meth. This grenade takes advantage of meth’s explosive properties to turn it into a weapon of mass destruction.

    Big Brainy Moment: Meth grenades were one of the first chemical weapons Brian invented. He would attach a signaler to the grenade, hide it in wrapping paper, then put it in a storage container near his target and blew them into a nugget (and sometimes if they were close enough even vaporized their body).



Explosive Dart:

  • Tech Requisites: Cryostasis Beakers and Syringes

    Complexity: 7/10

    Primary Use: Assassination with dart gun.

    First put heat 25u nitrogen 30u hydrogen 30u oxygen in a beaker and heat it until it makes nitrous oxide. Second, put the nitrous oxide in a cryostasis beaker an heat it above 575K. Third, suck up some of the nitrous oxide out of the cryostasis beaker with a cryostasis syringe. Fourth, put in a dart gun and shoot at your target.

    This amazing weapon, originally created by Waffle CO before being dropped because their victims were killed too quickly, was adapted by Brian Brainy with supplies he found on the station. These darts, when fired at a victim, instantly reacts inside their body and blows them apart from the inside out. Only under the most fortunate of circumstances will the victim survive, with most just dying instantly.

    Big Brainy Moment: One shift Brian was hired to assassinate the HoS, and he decided to use these destructive weapons against the target. After Brian terminated the HoS, the captain arrived on the scene, and just stared in confusion, which gave Brian a chance to reload his dart gun and kill the captain too.



Super Toxin:

  • Tech Requisites NONE

    Complexity: 8/10

    Primary Use: poisoning food and making poison darts.

    Recipe: 5u heparin, 5u cyanide, 5u fentanyl.

    Well, it does exactly what it sounds like, it is a super toxin. This poison causes brute, burn, brain, oxy, and toxin damage.

    Big Brainy Moment: One day, while Brian was minding his own business, Brian saw a HoP getting beat up by two security officers, so Brian decided to help the HoP, but then quickly realised he wouldn’t be able to out run the security officers, so he dropped the HoP and shot the security officers while running. After one security got hit by one of the super toxin darts the other officer saw how fast it knocked him to the floor, and ran. The officer who got shot with the dart died soon after being knocked down, and Brian never had to go to jail… that shift.


Next guide will be on stimulants (If I decide to even do another).

Have you tried loading nitroglycerin into the darts? Guaranteed gib. Also, hellfoam darts are surprisingly good for area denial

i just make bath salts 9U and the rest is mannitol sometimes i mix it up and dont use bathsalts but they are still very nice to use

so 9u bath salts 41u Mannitol that is one pill then the next pill is just oil and napalm then the next one is 31u of pyroxadone and 19u kleotine and then you just need a firesuit if you aint picky or just no clothing at all if you wanna be faster and CLF3 eat all the drugs and light yourself on fire and keep doing it every time someone puts you out or have an arena of bonfires and you cannot really die during your drugfueled rampage. oh and after it you are gonna wanna eat some neurine to counter your brain traumas from bath salts.
Alternatively you could just get a red slime crossbred with blue slime to negate slowdown or use meth to speed yourself up

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What’s the hellfoam recipe?

running for council
not experienced enough to know what hellfoam is

Hellfoam isn’t a single recipe, the idea is using a foam mix to spread and sustain a large deadly fire, possibly with other chems as well, for a long time. Usually you’ll see CLF3, Phlog and napalm as some staple chems

I’m not pro gamer at every job yet :relaxed: ty bae