Brawler's back, baby - Mentor Application

Your CKEY: brawlerhorde

Your Discord: BrawlerHorde#0001

How long have you been playing ss13?: Almost a year and a half (joined late in the Ssethtide)

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: I was on the admin team for a short time, and served as a mentor for about twice as long before resigning due to waning interest in the game. I’ve spent a good chunk of time in medical and command, and I’ve taught several friends how to play the game.

Game Experience (More Detailed): The first department I dipped my toes into was medical, and I’ve done just about everything there is to do (besides virology). I can heal plasmamen, perform most surgeries w/o the aid of the operating computer, and I know when to revive versus when to clone. I’ve also spent a decent chunk of time in the service/cargo departments, especially on servers such as TG and Boomer. These jobs are often taken by new players looking to get their feet wet after their first couple of rounds as a fresh assistant. I can mix you just about anything to drink, can keep the crew fed (including races that can only eat certain types of food), clean up your ridiculous messes as a jannie, and inevitably buy shit to save the station from a round-ending antagonist in Cargonia. When I decide to be a masochist and put myself in a command position, I’d like to think that I can competently lead the department I’m in charge of, and I get dat fukken disk as the captain (because what the hell else does a captain contribute to the crew).

I can take questions, if you have them.

See below for my playtime. I mostly play on LRP these days.

You’ve got a good amount of playtime. Could you please go into detail on how much you know about engineering and atmospheric related things.

You say you have done quite a bit within the service department - are you experienced with botany?

When it comes to engineering, I can do basic setups for all three engines (SM, singulo, tesla). I can obviously set up solars, and optimize atmos. I generally use CO2 to increase power output on the SM and farm pluox for cash. I’m also one of the few people who actually attempts to construct the station goal, whether that be the DNA vault, shields, or BSA.

To be perfectly honest, botany is the only service job I’ve basically not touched. It just hasn’t interested me enough, but I at least know the bare minimum to help a new player.

Decent playtime, only has one ban on bee. And I’ve seen them be pretty active in discord as of the past few days. I see no reason why they can’t be a mentor. I give my +1

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Thank you for the +1, kind stranger

I’ll see if I can get some other mentors to take a look at it.

Goodluck on the rest of it.

How much do you know about teleporters, larger construction projects, ling mind games and the nicher syndicate items (Such as the briefcase teleport)

I haven’t messed with teleporters much, outside of using them to travel to/from the AI sat, and escape danger with the hand tele.

What would you describe as a “larger construction project”?

The bluespace launchpad is a gamer item, and I use it to yoink the AI during my antag rounds. I’ve also used the BS launchpad to teleport bombs into secured areas. It’s pretty freakin’ hilarious.

You never built a teleporter, or the bluespace launcher pad, or the likes?

The BSA, station shields and DNA vault are larger construction projects. What are they, how do you assemble them and why can’t you always build them?

Rip ling mind games.

I’m asking you for more detail on the nicher gamer stuff, not just the briefcase teleport (And I asked you how it works)

I’ve reconstructed the teleporter a couple times after it was destroyed.

BSA is the bluespace artillery, and requires either an extended shift or the requisite goal to purchase. It also requires the firing controls to be unlocked before use.
Station shields are another station goal, and are the easiest of the three to construct. Satellites and control panel.
Finally, the DNA vault exists, and requires different samples of various DNA to fulfill the station goal.
All three require the specific goal or greenshift to purchase parts for.

Lings are stupid and I hate them. They get hints toward their host’s speech patterns, and need to remember to mindshield themselves if they absorb a sec player / other mindshielded victim. Headslugs bad, morgue succ good.

P.S. mildly inebriated at the moment, answers may be slightly confusing

Not exactly what I was referring to for teleporter experience, ling mind games and niche tot stuff, but +1.

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For all of you keeping track at home,

T: +2

+1 seems based

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+1 because I don’t need a mentor to know literally everything about the game works, anyone that can teach is useful.


+1 cuz old gang and experience.

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Tally is +5.

Not bad in a 6 hour timeframe.

+1 was very epic mentor back in ye olde times, also knows his shit

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+1 both due to good experience as admin and bc the knowledge demonstrated here is deep/wide enough to cover majority of ahelps. How often will you try and respond to mentor pings?

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I remember Brawler, dude knows his shit

I’ll respond to mentor pings if one, I can answer the question, and two, I’m online (which is quite often).

If you spam ping Mentor, I will scream.

T: +7