BrawlerHorde - Mentor Application

Your CKEY: brawlerhorde

Your Discord: BrawlerHorde#9950

How long have you been playing ss13?: Since May of 2019.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Tyranic, Teoman, Moccha, Xeapor, and pretty much anyone from the 2019/early 2020 Bee gang.

Game Experience (More Detailed): A lot of my hours have been spent on servers outside of Bee, including /tg/, Fulp, and White Sands. The majority of my experience centers on medical, command, and a few service roles. I know enough about engineering to get the station powered and hopefully delay the inevitable. Recently, I’ve been dipping my toes into security, as well as returning to my old stomping grounds in medical and command. You’ve likely seen my character, Anthony Rodgers, at some point on Sage.

epic embed fail

Living - 283.0h
Ghost - 105.5h

Captain - 56.8h
Head of Personnel - 30.2h
Medical Doctor - 22.5h
Station Engineer - 19.7h
Assistant - 19.3h
Security Officer - 14.5h
Chief Medical Officer - 14.3h
Head of Security - 11.8h
AI - 11.5h
Warden - 11.2h
Quartermaster - 10.0h
Bartender - 8.8h
Cyborg - 8.2h
Janitor - 7.5h
Chief Engineer - 7.0h
Scientist - 6.8h
Chemist - 3.5h
Research Director - 3.0h
Cargo Technician - 2.2h
Atmospheric Technician - 1.5h
Clown - 1.3h
Virologist - 1.2h
Brig Physician - 0.8h
Botanist - 0.3h
Shaft Miner - 0.2h

All jobs not included have no recorded playtime.

While I did vote positively on a mentor application you made around a year ago I would not say that I vouch for you, largely due to the fact I have no clue what your recent activity is like.

Same as Tyranic. I haven’t seen you in a while so I can’t really vouch

Could someone pull a recent activity log?

We don’t share many similar jobs, so I’ll ask a bartender question:

How can you get the booze dispenser to face the way you want?

A new player mhelps: “my wasd womt work but it did last time”

How can you help them troubleshoot?

May first through September ninth (timezone moment).
This just shows how many times the name ‘brawlerhorde’ was mentioned during this time-frame but it’s still fairly helpful.


Me on mobile: what is this, a graph for ants?

Pending question answers for mine, and questions from other mentors, I’d be willing to potentially chip in a positive vote

Wrench the dispenser to unsecure it, then alt-click it to rotate. Wrench to secure when done.

I would ask them to click within the game window, then press Tab, ensuring their chatbar is white instead of red. This will allow them to control their character using WASD inputs.

1 week bump. Still available to answer questions!

the mentorgang is sleepy it seems… o well

  • a player asks what the skull icon over one of his patients means

  • a player asks why the SM randomly caught fire before they even turned it on all they did was setup the settings and pipes. what could they have done wrong

  • a player asks how to put a disguise as an abductor agent

  • player asks how to link a BS launchpad to the BS computer

  • player asks if its ok to murderbone all of sec to kill 1 target

botany hours are a bit low so have a question about it

how do I acquire rainbow flowers?

otherwise just rack up those assistant hours :triumph:

alright here we go, science looks a bit low so gonna ask some sci questions

  1. a player asks how they can make bio reconstruction not active all the time, only when they want to, in nanites
  2. a player asks how they can make sentient animals
  3. a player asks how they can get discovery points
  4. a player asks how to get an anomaly core without the anomaly neutralizer technology

Skull icon indicates the body is not defib-able / not revivable / soul departed. A flatline, heart monitor thing shows the body is recently deceased.

The vent settings could be incorrectly set, and the plasma in the chamber has increased in temperature until it caught fire.

The abductor scientist has to have scanned a target, then the agent can activate the disguise with a button on their screen.

Screwdriver the launchpad, multitool it, then hit the computer with said multitool.

This is a rules question, so it should be directed to the admins.

Pretty sure these come from a seeds crate. Could be mistaken.

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I’ve barely touched nanites, but I believe setting the program to be manually triggered will prevent it from constantly draining nanites.

Sentience potion from light pink slime extract that you inject with plasma.

All exploration crew members have a discovery research scanner, which gives the station points based on what is scanned.

Analyzer and remote signaller. Scan the anomaly with the analyzer, signal the frequency. Hot-and-ready anomaly core, fresh for the taking.

yep +1