BrawlerHorde isn't fit to be a staff member Admin Report

CKEY: Mynameajeff

Your Discord: VEGA#7059

Offender’s CKEY: BrawlerHorde

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): Irrelevant.

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): Spans over dozens of rounds and times.

Round Number: Spans over dozens of rounds.

Rules Broken (if relevant): Courtesy.

Part of Admin Conduct Broken (if relevant): Courtesy.

Incident Description: Doesn’t justify why bans should stay with rulings, disrespects players when disrespected. Basically, I try to appeal and no matter what I say he denies the post without further reason than his metafriends agree with him that I should stay banned without any logical retort. The QuarianCommando of Beestation. Dozens of reports for bad behavior. Admin reports go into the trash anyway because “haha trialmin”. Trialmins should not be able to decide if someone should or shouldn’t be banned then. Keep in mind, this isn’t hearsay, a round where he was alien queen I was rapidly ahelping about dozens of players and the round ID is here, at roundend he fucking screeches at me for disrespecting him in such a way for becoming an antagonist when adminned, here’s the roundID: 14880. Love Train.

Additional Information: I don’t think any more needs to be said, inb4 people respond without any logical response or investigation and say I’m an awful player like sharksie.

Server bans have to be authed by ‘normal’ admins anyways, so trials can only jobban without person accepting it.


Yeah, I told you to get off my back. I was required by admin conduct to stay adminned as there were no other admins available. I would have deadminned while playing xenoqueen if anyone else was there. I’m not about to handle tickets while I’m playing a round-critical role.

If you want to argue that the admins are “metafriends”, then I highly suggest you take your fight to @SuperDork55. I’m following the guidance of my superiors. I asked for permission to close both of your reports.

I followed the conduct guidelines.
I’m done dealing with you. Take your fight to the headmins.

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Only problem I got with the guy is that he shitposts too much. It’s not funny and pretty annoying considering he’s an admin that does it in serious discussion

This community is made on shitposts, have you taken one look at discord general at literally any time?

I barely see anyone else shitpost in admin complaints and ban appeals

If you wanna be an asshole to an admin, don’t act shocked when you get treated like an asshole. Don’t fire shots across the bow if you don’t want fire returned.


admins are supposed to remain professional even if people are being assholes or salty to them and if you don’t believe that to be the case, i don’t believe you should be an admin.

Try that on other servers, bud. Let me know how it goes.

any other server that isnt furry trash will never ban you for salting at an admin guaranteed. they’ll close it and ignore you, possibly ahelp muting you if you keep spamming ahelps. admins aren’t supposed to be emotional bub.

Yeah, I hear as soon as you become an admin on SS13 you literally ascend into God status. You become a cold, unfeeling monster capable of slaughtering entire villages of starving African children.


Not what I said, I said that people who get emotional over games shouldn’t be in moderation at all as they’re unfit for the role and won’t do what the cold unfeeling law requires to keep the server safe unbiasedly.

Because admins are robots who do not get mad when shitty players yell at them and calls them names. Yes I am also a prick who yells at admins and expect the same punishment and respect given to a guy who gives the proper respect to an admin who does this job without pay and pays with time out of their day to keep the server running. I also have an IQ of below 0

OK nerd. if you have the smallest self respect to be impacted by some saltbag in a game, you may want to branch off to a different server or game altogether as this game can make people quite angry when people aren’t fucking roleplaying and instead murderboning even when told not to. if i was a staff member i wouldn’t care about my reputation and I would follow the rules to the letter for their proper intentions instead of contriving some excuse to ban people I don’t like and selectively enforce them. at the end of the day, these people volunteered for the role, if they can’t take the hate it brings, they shouldn’t be the role.

Or, you could, you know, not be an asshole. One of these benefits everyone else as a whole. I’ll let you figure that out.

devolved into peanut-gallerying, can we get on topic to how this is genuinely a problem and how staff members should never be unprofessional, especially in adminhelps.

What do you not understand about disrespecting another human being will result in returned disrespect? Are you seriously baffled on the fact that humans do not like to be disrespected especially when being disrespected first?

i don’t understand how someone with self-respect and self esteem would take something seriously when they’re insulted in a game, oh boo hoo the kid on CoD called you the n word hard R. suck it up baby. i dont care that he insulted me, what i do care about is that he can’t maintain professionalism as an admin and actively uses his powers to inflate his own self-ego about himself.

Yeah lmao what are we paying them for? Oh wait.

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If you can’t be respectful when asking for our HELP, why should we help you?