Boys only hread ♂

Balance for what purpose?

I wanna learn to rollerskate but i swear i have two left feet sometimes, I’m a clutz

man did his research. clap

Thoughts on bushcraft and hiking as a gym alternative?

I meant to say eating an egg lol

It depends. If you want to lose or gain weight, that won’t do. If you want something to improve your health, sure, hiking and moving will have tons of benefits. It can replace the gym as your choice of sport to do to get healthy, but it can’t substitute the gym in the muscle building department

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Also, I recommend all people with feminine sex to lift heavy. Our bone health and structure depends a lot on estrogen, and once you get the menopause or perimenopause (which can start 10 years before the menopause hits) your estrogen production levels drop significanltly. That’s why getting a strong body that can withstand the test of time is so important, you wanna reach your 40s, 50s and so on with the healthiest bones and lean muscle mass you can get so you stay strong and healthy all your life, and this is important for the masculine sex too, but it has this special note for the feminine sex. And it wont do just lifting, you gotta lift hard. That’s my recommendation, but yeah, if you are just interested in doing something and moving, hiking is great. Bushcraft seems like more of a hobby where you can display your previous adquired strenghtt and physical abilities than a place where you develop them.

I had a cold glass of milk after a great arm day, I feel euphoric


This joke ins insanely good

Friendly reminder that theres a limit of how much protein you can ingest for a day. There are different thresholds but they can go from regular 0.8 up to 1.6 grams per kilogram of body weight (2/2.5 sometimes for some pro fasting/prep) . You may likely do more harm to yourself than good if you go above 1.6.

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Yeah but also no normal person on a everyday diet is eating THAT amount of protein

I am simply because i drink alot of milk… i think im up to about 220g of protein from just chicken, milk, cashews, oatmeal with cottage cheese.

Ofc i eat broccoli and bananas too alongside rice and dark pasta.

No candy or alcohol or anything like that ever though. Well maybe a bit of chocolate once a month.

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huh. Yall making we want to work out. I always struggle with it because of the repeatetive movements. There’s these “hold” exercises Ive been trying. Like holding a 3 lb weight at arms length as far as I can and using my abs to help by kinda half sucking in? Also like hold crunches? where I kinda use gravity and have to try and curl and hold half my body up with just my core. Ive kinda fallen off. Though its always leg day as I tend to do touch and gos everyday for at least 10 minutes because adhd zoomies. Yall got any recomendations on exercises?

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I struggle with the motivation and holding myself accountable. This gym rat month has motivated me to find a personal trainer so I can be held accountable and make gains :man_shrugging:

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Finding a club is cheaper. I pay like 1 000 SEK (~100 EUR) every half year to be in my club of like 9 to 12 people.

Think about it like a trade off. You spend 60-90 minutes a day in the gym, and in return you get SO many health benefits.


Also, you will get used to the movements and probably enjoy it more

I pay like 1000 SEX :flushed:


Thanks to bee doing gym pride month it motivated me to find a PT. My managers brother in law is general manager of a few gyms so he gave me some contacts. Time to get swole :muscle:


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Don’t forget to eat a lot, preferably healthier food. I typically eat oatmeal which is SUPER easy and really cheap.

Weeks when I work out A LOT I might double my portions.