Boxcutter Jestie banned by sergeikoralev


Admin’s CKEY:sergeikoralev


Ban Type:Appearance ban

Ban Length:Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):07 16 2021

Round ID:31376

Ban Reason:“using a variation of Boxcutter Jestie”

Appeal Reason:Conflicting admin opinions, me thinking this is just unjustified

Additional Information:
(First part edited and moved up to cut the crap, unable to add pictures.)

So the name was changed by admin1 to Jestie Boxcutter, and admin2(the one named in the appeal) perma’d me for using a variation of the name which was “FIXED” and approoved by admin1.
Admin opinions are conflicting

You guys had let my name go for a lot of time without having any issue with it, first you had problem with the order of the name, after the ban the name entirely is a problem?
“Boxcutter” and “Jestie” are not real english names, so i never seen the issue with the order of them, since the way i had it just sounded right, and basicly thats all that mattered to me, and since they are both purely fictional i thought why cant i have it this way? Whats the point of changing up the order of the 2 after them being made up?

People can use all kinds of foreign names, how is that any different?
2 minutes of googling got me chinese names like “Fat Kok” and “Wong Fook Hing” , vietnamese: “Phat Phuc” (Too lazy to gather european stuff you get the point)

Lizards can use musings as names, one admin once said "who names their son “Boxcutter?”, well i dont know probably the same guy who names their kid “Does-the-crime” , or “Floods-the-station”

Here are some unconventional, real life, english first names for you: Reign, Flower, Grey, Legacy, Ocean, Forest (Kanye West wanted to name his kid North West, and that wasnt even in a videogame)
Looking at these i dont think the one i used is too far fetched from a possible reality in a FICTIONAL future.(Hell, not even in this world.)


X AE 12. Boxcutter Jessie is a good name.

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Last names were historically just what your profession was until people started actually using them like we do now.
Boxcutter is a fine last name just like Tanner, Potter, Shepard, Burns(charcoal burners and such), Hunter, Weaver, Smith and so on and so forth


@Heepox In real life i looked after my real last name all over and i found no relation or meaning to it at all, i have a very unique last name, on the internet, i find no clues of what origin it might be, or what couldve it once meant.

could just be a place, my last name comes from a town not too far from where i live

(last names named after planet of origin when???)

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Does not follow game ban appeal format. Please edit it to the appropriate format.

Personally, “Boxcutter” as a last name is perfectly within suspension of disbelief. I see absolutely no reason to appearance ban someone for this, this seems like a pretty fine fantasy name that isnt completely unreasonable. Humans should also have EXTREME leeway with what is considered an acceptable name.

Jestie is a COMPLETELY reasonable first name that could actually be a real name within 100 years.


According to an ancestry website , “Jestie” is a perfectly valid last and first name with a tons of examples, and there are records of “Buxcutter” used as a last name in the 1800s USA.
There are several family record findings on other heritage uplooking sites with the exact last name “Boxcutter”.


i can understand the contest over Boxcutter Jestie, but Jestie Boxcutter sounds like a completely valid name even if there hasn’t been someone called that before irl (Which is a pretty dumb point of contention, especially when considering ss13 takes place way in the future???)

Honestly naming guidelines need a bit of a rework, as it is right now it can vary way too much between admin to admin

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Hi, admin1 here (Yes, yes I was admin1). I approved Jestie Boxcutter. Jestie is absolutely an acceptable first name. And I personally approved the last name “boxcutter” because it made sense from a surname standpoint.

John Mason - Father was a stonemason
Jake Smith - Father was a blacksmith
Rose Miller - Father grounded flour for a living (like a flour mill)
etc. etc.
Using this convention one can deduce that Jestie Boxcutter’s father was, clearly, someone who cuts boxes, whatever that means. Whether it means breaking down boxes for recycling, or cutting the shapes out needed to put together boxes.

However I find a concern with the use of the unconventional real life names being used to try and make an excuse, they’re real, sure, but they’re oddities amongst other names. Though I’d let hippie-esque names like ‘Flower’, ‘Ocean’, or ‘Forest’ slide (especially if done in a way that fits the character, like a botanist interested in nothing more than growing cannabis, mushrooms, and flowers, and against any form of violence). Also examples given, to quote:

are very clearly joke names. If I saw these names I would certainly bwoink

but all in all, I feel like this should be more my fault for not adding to the note that this was an acceptable name


The Boxcutter supposed to be representing the tool, rather than symbolizing a profession.

Well when I heard it I was thinking a profession, haha, so it sounded alright to me

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I think the main issue here is you using Boxcutter as a first name.

No, my issue is “Boxcutter” as a name in general. I understand that out of seven point whatever billion people on this planet some of them do have Boxcutter as a surname, but the naming guidelines state this: " * Human: Normal human names, the kind that won’t raise an eyebrow if you chose to name your child. This applies to all other races that reference human names."

I, an American, suspect that most people if they heard someone’s last name was boxcutter would think, at least for a moment “There’s no possible way.”

Yes, professions can be surnames, as exemplified by the likes of Smith, Shepard, etc… but Boxcutter and Crewmember are where I start drawing lines.

Crewmember, I will admit, is on the nose there.

Boxcutter isn’t a weird name to me (and lots of other people) in the slightest. Especially from an in universe perspective where you could literally be working with someone called Shits-the-Pants. We’re looking at this from the perspective of the regular, modern day, alien less world when we should be looking at SS13, an inherently silly game, where Boxcutter as a name shouldn’t be a red flag.

(((also a perma appearance ban is extreme especially when the name was okayed by a different admin, like cmon man)))


I am an American, and had two class mates with the last name Boxcutter in high school.

I think it is closer to those last names that are uncommon enough to go “oh, thats not one you hear often.” Yet are still not wildly out there.

Some other real ones I’ve had interaction with lately: Fife, Aas, Eirondale, Bettwy.

Definitely agree on Crewman, but Boxcutter is just an uncommon one imo


I find boxcutter to be on par with other “job” last names and I don’t think it is particularly out of place.

“Jestie” is certainly unique, but it also looks like a name.

My vote is for lifting this ban and allowing them to keep the name.


by keep the name, do you mean the new Jestie Boxcutter or the original Boxcutter Jestie?