BoundedVenus Banned by Zeskorion

CKEY: BoundedVenus

Admin CKEY: Zeskorion

Ban Type: Banned from server

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date: 11/11/2019 3.15

Round ID: 8964

Reason: Very likely a griefer. Beat an AFK guy to death, said it was because “god told him to”, later elaborating with further vulgarities. Appeal this on the forums if you think this ban was dealt in error

Hey Admins, i received this ban about 10 days ago even though i haven’t played space station for about 3 months. I felt like playing some last night but couldn’t join because of this ban. It claims my name is snaskborg123 though i’ve never used that name before. Please i’m so confused if this was a mistake or not, but i really love your server.

Thanks in advance

That’s odd, you don’t seem to have a history of notes at all. I’ll make sure that you get unbanned.

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that… is very odd. This is a ban for someone else completely and doesnt even list on your notes.

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yeah i’'m not sure maybe a glitch with byond or something maybe because I’d havent had played space station anywhere round this time which is why it was confusing

Are you using a pirated copy of windows, by any chance?

Interesting angle… but I doubt this would effect anything.

It can. If you have pirated Windows, your CID may be mixed with a banned account.


nah i have a legitimate copy of windows 10, the only thing that might effect it but im not sure is that i had to factory reset this laptop a few times cause i have had big technical problems so would that effect the CID?

can u guys get off this appeal and RESPOND TO MINE

be patient dumb coomer

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if we were face to face i’d throat punch u @anon60218928

No, if you have a legitimate copy of Windows (you’d know if you didn’t) that windows key is unique to your machine. I’m not too sure on WHY having a pirated copy of Windows affects your CID, but in this case I doubt that’s the issue. Hopefully an admin can find out more. What’s even more odd is your ban doesn’t even show up on the ban list on the website.