BottleOfFur by WilsonPH

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
All servers
Ban Length:
1 month
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Rule 1 You Must Roleplay, Rule 7 Be Excellent to Each Other, Rule 13 Antagonist Conduct, Rule 14 Metagaming and Meta-communications. As a target of an incursion team, got killed rather early into the round. Took the holopara spawner used by one of the incursionists, proceed to heavily ick ock and salt IC, then intentionally got themselves killed. Also had a filter bypass moment. This ban was made as a result of the following player report - BottleOfFur Player Report.
Appeal Reason:
I wanted to correct a bit of information that was inputted in the ban reason alongside share my half of the story for additional context and perhaps a shortening on ban length.
Additional Information:
I had signed up for explorer that shift because I figured a nice, semi-chill round of exploring space ruins and messing around with PvE content would be fun. Roundstart, I get the “Excommunicated” antag roll. I realized that I must have forgot to save my game preferences since last shift, since I wasn’t looking for an antagonist round, I decided to go through with playing explorer and hopefully just ignore my objectives. Unfortunately, all of the incursion members immediately tracked me down and surrounded me when the shuttle took off. A single post was made and then they all ganged up on me, including a changeling. Frustrated that this had taken place not even 30 minutes into the round and I’d have to most likely sit through the rest of the shift as an observer thanks to the ling round removing me after the fact, I said some dumb shit in an adminhelp, thinking little of it since no admins were online at the time and I just needed a space to vent. The ling proceeded to steal my memories and use my uplink code to buy a bunch of useless shit, then gave the rest to the remaining incursion members. One of them got a holoparasite. I clicked “Yes” because it beat the monotony of being stuck watching and it would give me a chance to speak with my killers after the recent event. I salted at them for the almost unfairly quick kill and attempted to get my frustrations off of my chest. Everyone kind of agreed that it was a bit sucky to go after me so close to shift-start and things were settled. I even apologized for bringing it up ICly to them and figured that was the end of that. The round continues on and eventually, after killing the AI and bombing the satellite, we entered the bridge. I heard the telltale sound of an angry sm and spoke almost verbatim “I hear angry SM noises.” One of the incursion members reminded me that I could scout, so I toggled scout mode and went over. This was my first time being a holoparasite on this server and figured that if I could phase through solid objects, there was no reason why I shouldn’t be able to enter the SM chamber to take a look to see if it was damaged or on fire. I get to the chamber a little too fast thanks to the scout move speed and slipped over the SM only to realize that I didn’t collide with it. Thankful for this, I took a moment to pause and read through text logs to see if my master was calling me back. During this, I was nailed by several emitter beams in quick succession and immediately died. I was relatively in shock from this and even said in dsay “Huh.” then I attempted to explain what happened to my master who had also been dusted thanks to me dying. The following player report means they didn’t believe the fact that it was a genuine mistake on my part and it’s really disappointing to hear as I had truly stopped holding ill will for them after I had finished salting ICly. Unfortunately, from the outside looking in, it appeared as if I had intentionally killed myself to get rid of my master at the time. I’ll repeat what I said ingame even; if I had wanted to kill my master, I would have done it far sooner. Even the AI we had previously killed pointed this out in deadchat. After the matter was over and dsay quieted down, I watched the rest of the incursion get steamrolled alongside a funny tesloose caused by a random cargo tech and got to roundend where an admin finally responded to my vent ticket, where I apologized to them for wasting their time and attempted to make up for the fact that I had broken several rules by saying those things in an admin ticket. They seemed to understand and gave me a 1 day ban after we both finished talking. I was content with this. Disappointed that I got banned, but willing to accept that I had made a couple mistakes and was going to take the punishment for doing so. Then here I am, roughly at the time the ban was supposed to be lifted, logging on only to see that a new, month long ban had been applied. The rest you can probably glean from both the player report and this appeal itself, which I made after speaking with oo7craigmc via DMs about the unexpected ban. That pretty much concludes my side of the story up until this point. I want to sincerely apologize to the players I had wronged that round and the admins for wasting their time with my pettiness and frustration.

To address your IC salt it was extremely excessive and you didn’t even bother using LOOC for it.
Besides, if you get absorbed by the changeling, you can still be brought back with a brain transplant, it isn’t total round removal.
To address your death at the SM chamber, I’ll post the logs with the timestamps again


Feb 14, 2023 @ 04:32:25.354
ATTACK: BottleOfFur/(The Eye) has been shot by the emitter with the emitter beam (Supermatter Engine (169, 154, 2))
Feb 14, 2023 @ 04:32:26.944
ATTACK: BottleOfFur/(The Eye) has been shot by the emitter with the emitter beam (Engineering (175, 154, 2))
Feb 14, 2023 @ 04:32:26.952
ATTACK: BottleOfFur/(The Eye) has been shot by the emitter with the emitter beam (Engineering (175, 154, 2))
Feb 14, 2023 @ 04:32:27.246
ATTACK: BottleOfFur/(The Eye) has been shot by the emitter with the emitter beam (Engineering (172, 154, 2))
Feb 14, 2023 @ 04:32:29.190
ATTACK: BottleOfFur/(The Eye) has been shot by the emitter with the emitter beam (Engineering (172, 154, 2))
Feb 14, 2023 @ 04:32:29.335
ATTACK: BottleOfFur/(The Eye) has been shot by the emitter with the emitter beam (Engineering (172, 154, 2))
Feb 14, 2023 @ 04:32:31.262
ATTACK: BottleOfFur/(The Eye) has been shot by the emitter with the emitter beam (Engineering (172, 154, 2))
Feb 14, 2023 @ 04:32:31.312
ACCESS: Mob Login: BottleOfFur/(The Eye) was assigned to a /mob/dead/observer
Feb 14, 2023 @ 04:32:31.331
GAME: BottleOfFur/(The Eye) Client BottleOfFur/(The Eye) has taken ownership of mob The Eye(/mob/dead/observer) (Bridge (113, 134, 2))
Feb 14, 2023 @ 04:32:37.310
SAY: BottleOfFur/(The Eye) (DEAD) “Huh” (Bridge (113, 136, 2))
Feb 14, 2023 @ 04:32:46.861
SAY: BottleOfFur/(The Eye) (DEAD) “I have NO IDEA” (Command Hallway (118, 127, 2))
Feb 14, 2023 @ 04:32:55.671
SAY: BottleOfFur/(The Eye) (DEAD) “I just… Died” (Captain’s Quarters (121, 130, 2))

There’s a five second difference between the first laser hit and the last one.
Excuse me for not believing that it wasn’t intentional sabotage on your part.

I didn’t even notice the damage the first few beams did because my screen never turned red. I’m used to that being an indicator of damage, but it was absent as a holopara. Again, my eyes were also busy scrolling through the chatlog to see if I was being called back to the bridge. Hell, I didn’t even realize I was taking damage until I turned into a ghost.

To add on top of this, a brain transplant was pretty much not going to happen due to the fact that they were planning on going loud, not to mention that the incursion was literally debating whether or not to space me. The fact that I managed to be dumb enough to forget LOOC is 100% on me and I’m more than willing to accept the punishment for that factor, but two weeks feels excessive regardless when taking into account that not only had I made a noted effort to apologize for what I’ve done wrong to all parties involved, but did my best to right the issues I had caused instead of just ghosting as the holopara or deliberately killing myself.

Okay, after giving it some thought, I can reduce the server ban to five days. I’m sorry but the whole ick ock and salt thing was too much to ignore.
I’ll reduce the team antag ban to two weeks too. But I won’t remove it completelly.
Wanna know why? We did some testing

This is filmed from the POV of the summoner, yeah, so you wouldn’t get the red/black screen border.
However, that holopara has the lowest defence. Without accounting the health of your summoner when the lasers first hit ofc. However, it still took a couple of seconds for it to die, and it made the laser hit sound.
So I’m still not convinced your death to the emitter lasers was accidental rather than intentional.

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That’s completely fair, although while I was in scout, I was standing only a single tile away from the SM, so the lasers hitting made me think that it was hitting the SM rather than myself. I once again apologize for the ick ock and salting, as I’m more than willing to serve time for what I did. I made this appeal only to hopefully get a reduced sentence as I know I’m nowhere near innocent in this whole ordeal.

Right, sorry, went to bed before adjusting it.

Here to you.

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