Both roboticists being shitters player report

CKEY: pavliko

Offender’s CKEY: unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Forgot, both were roboticists

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 6/6/2022

Round Number: 38557

Rules Broken: 9 “Do Not Self-Antag”, 7.5 “Don’t be a dick” and possibly 8 “Do Not Grief”

Incident Description:

It was a cult round and we went to red alert.
Both roboticists were in their lab and were baiting people by talking like cultists(yes I know the technicalities) which raised suspicion and were asked by security to be let into robotics to be searched.
They refused so security broke in and stun batoned both.
As soon as they got cuffed they started to throw insults for the whole brig stay(around 10 minutes) and were let go after it was clear that they were not cultists.

Once they were out they decided to grief by killing the clown and welder bombing security mid fight with the pirates in cargo.
As far as I am aware both had their soul depart as soon as they got their butts whooped by someone for attempting to grief

Additional Information:
Sadly I don’t remember but you might wanna check out some of the insults they were throwing.
I can’t provide them since I don’t have logs


I ahelped this one in round, but I’m not sure if anything got done about it. For the welderbomb, the robo basically just dragged it in front of seccies while seccies and pirates were exchanging fire, and it knocked all the seccies in the mining dock (although pirates still didn’t manage to get in after that, not sure how).

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yeah they attempted first to drag the fuel tank in front of seccies who were shooting but that didn’t work(god bless sec on that round they were awesome in every aspect) so they decided to blow it

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I was running Xenobio this shift, and in addition to everything in the OP, the roboticists also had an AI core almost completely built in like the first five minutes of the round.

RD had no idea about it, and I’m pretty sure making an AI without RD and Captain authorization is super against the rules. I don’t know if they ever finished it, but it seemed like pretty intentional bad behavior from the players.

Sadly no, an empty AI core was found in maints shift start by security and was given to science

They didn’t kill the clown but they still critted him with plant pots because clown managed to prove his authority by slipping them.

The welderbombing which is what your ticket was about was looked into in round.

Due to that I’ll be ignoring the part of this report involving the welderbombing so as to comply with R0. There’s still enough to warrant investigating this report even without that.