Botany question

Hello! Does anyone know if there is a way to check the probability of getting a certain chemical from strange seeds or if this is possible to get it at all?
The chem in question is Fluorosurfactant, the one that creates foam when mixed with water. I remember getting it from time to time like a year ago. Now I never get it after sorting through thousands and thosands of seeds.
It’s a pretty interesting way to use chemicals instead of just smoke from potassium+sugar+water or just gaseous decomposition and hypodermic needles so I’m kinda curious if it’s even possible to get at this point.

everything is completely and utterly random

The thing is during a stable 1-2hrs round I can get any combination of chemicals exept for this one. It’s like it is disabled.

They disabled a LOT of useful chems from botany a bit ago. It wouldn’t surprise me if that was removed with the ‘helpful’ removal of most alcoholic drinks.


Yeah I guess it got swooped along with some mutations toxins and other things. Kinda sad since it was kind of a fun way to spread some chems but it is what it is.

There’s nothing I miss more than lining the halls with wheat that’ll turn sec into a bunch of catgirls. The admins hate fun.

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