Botany Mutation- Coconut

Idea for a new plant mutation for cocoa plant.
The coconut tree!

Base stats
Maturation speed:7
Production speed:5
Weed vuln: 20
Weed growth: 3

Peranial Growth

Vitamins: 4%
Nutrition: 5%
Milk: 10%

Unique Trait: When a sharp object is used on the coconut, it turns into a coconut half which allows it to function as a beaker scaling in volume with potency. The reagents inside could then be drank directly or inserted into dispensers/chem masters.

Volume could range from a minimum of 50 up to a maximum of 200 which would give meta and BS beakers an advantage over coconuts in terms of max volume whilst having them having the ability of having no material cost and mass producible.

Why its good for the game?

Botany has number of utility plants (Battery Potato’s, Steel Caps, Durathread) These plants have the ability to assist with the station in ways that aren’t Healing plants and food produce. Renewable milk source (Outside of Biomass) would allow those growing plants outside of botany to have access to milk for use in their own cooking. (Also don’t rely on Pete, you can get like 20u out of those dry udders every hour).

You can grow 2 separate large beakers which can react when mixed. Use your imagination.


You can make a large beaker (mortar) out of wood.

More food for chef to make burgers with is good enough.
traitorwise coconut shells will likely mass up and it will be hard to find the evil chems but what about storage for small items too?

alongside you should be able to gallop around if you hold two coconut shells in your hand (brought by swallow)