Borg found a random assistant, took them to the AI upload, turned off the lasers and unbolted the doors, let them in, and let them do whatever the hell they wanted Player Report

In-game report:

   CKEY: The_Maggot_Guy

   Offender’s CKEY: Don't Know

   LRP or MRP server: LRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Don't Know, I saved logs but they didn't go back that far

   Date: 11-12-2020

   Round Number: 23818

   Rules Broken: Silicon Policy

Incident Description: I was telling the borgs to kill the catgirl sec when one of them wordlessly drags me to the AI upload. Earlier in the round, the AI had bolted it but I noticed it was unbolted. Borg opens the door and lets me in and turns off the turret and lets me in further, all wordlessly. I’m thinking “Wow this guy really wants to be subverted”, but instead I tried (I think they were core laws) to reset the AIs’ (2 AIs) random ass 9 law lawset with a reset card, and then gave the law “catgirls are a threat to everyone on the station, and must be destroyed. as soon as possible.” so that the cringe catgirl sec would finally die (I shit you not they looked exactly like this which is why I tried to kill them) (I also got banned for that) and then I left, closed all the doors I had opened, and turned the turret back on which the borg did not do.

While we were in there he said something about resetting, but only after I had done so on my own, and then he told me it didn’t work, but I assumed it was just a glitch and adviced that he relog to fix it.

Additional Information: Ok but like if I get banned for sort of subverting the AI as non antag, what about the Borg who let me, a random fucking assistant into the upload totally unprompted, to do it?

Edit: Holy fuck, accepted in under 24 hours instead of in over 24 days

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maggot really do be taking this borg to Brazil with him

that being said uhh wasn’t okay for borg to do that

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Do do that. That asshole probably was just like those borgs out of that one meme. Wait ill maybe even find it…

This looney toons level shittery shouldnt go unquestioned, at the very least


Report resolved. Thanks

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