Boosway Banned by ivanmixo

Title: [CKEY] banned by [Admin’s CKEY]

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Punched the cultists who converted him into crit, after which he tried to rat the cult out. DC’d mid ticket after I muted him IC
Appeal Reason:
My 3 day playing the game so still new to how logging out and interactions work sorry. I was not sure about the cult situation. Had to step away for a sec so I just exit if that’s not right sorry.
Additional Information:

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Basically, when you are taken over an activated conversion rune by cultists, you become a cultist (a popup should appear saying “You are The Cultist”) and your interests align with theirs. Thus, trying to rat them out is a bad idea as that’s griefing your team. Cults are a conversion-type antagonist, so once you become one, you stay so unless someone feeds you holy water.

As for admin tickets, until it says “Your ticket has been marked as resolved by an administrator, the adminhelp verb will be returned to you shortly” you should NOT log out. If you have to go, you should PM the admin saying so first (Admin PM tab, send a message). When you disconnect mid-ticket, they basically have to dish out a perma ban since they didn’t get the opportunity to finish investigating - instead you have to explain on the forums, which is more difficult for everyone, hence the perma.


Thank for clarification no ill intent but I have no problem doing it that way from now on. I will know for the future with cultist how that works now. Sorry again.

I will get back to this tomorrow.


Thanks for the response much appreciate.

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side note to avoid confusion: it takes a good amount of holy water and a bit of time for you to be deconverted as a cultist, you’ll be able to tell if you lose your cultist abilities entirely, or it tells you that you remembered your true allegiance in chat

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I learned that last night during my chemist apprenticeship :smiley:

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You had 15 hours at the time of the ban, so not an experienced player per say, but you should still have been out of the “baby” phase where you were just learning controls and discovering the game.

I’m willing to give you another chance if you can just read our rules page and tell me what rules you broke in that incident.


15 Leaving the Game
14 Metagaming and Meta-communications
1 You Must Roleplay
I would say I am new to rp as well. If I should be on another server let me know.

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I have been watching your videos on youtube

Alright, it’s been a couple of days, which would have been the normal duration for a ban regarding this type of issue.

This is alright, there is no gatekeeping regarding RP, we only ask of players to be willing to at least try to roleplay. You can ask around on discord or the forums for tips on how to improve, or read some guides.

I’ll unban you in a couple of minutes.

Appeal Accepted