Blutenherz banned by Fighterslam

Blutenherz banned by Fghterslam
Title: [CKEY] banned by [Admin’s CKEY]

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As Brig Physician, had full toolset and mining equipment for seemingly no reason. D/Ced when critted.
Appeal Reason:
roundstart: just me and HoS in sec, then went to be captain. being that there were med staff and no sec i asked to be miner.
Don’t remember being crit, but likely due to being tired and wonder why i was up so late, probs called it a night after being crit… got all the minerals we ever needed so i figure sleep wasnt gonna screw the round up.
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Right. So, why the toolset? Why does a brig physician need tools? Were you working on some sort of project? Someone else can probably pull the logs from that round to see if there were any active engineers.

As for the mining gear, you should ideally play miner if you want to go mining - stay to your role and all that. But if there were no miners and medbay had things handled, I can see why you’d do it.

yeah thats basically it, i think the cargo tech went down with me as there werent any miners.
i wasz running a mining mech from sci, so a tool set if very nice to do repairs in lavaland.
i dont know about engineers, but the tool set was mostly for mech repairs.

Was one of the sec officer an IPC ?
This could justify the toolset.

i was a miner. acting captain never changed the jobname on my id

Seems like a bit of a rash decision on that ban tbh.

Usually permanent bans are initiated because the person in question DC’s when bwoinked, it’s more so the person can take it to the forums.

Regarding the ban I’d need further context into the situation before I can make a good judgement on the ban, what was your reason for having the tools and what exact tools did you have were they regular tools or upgraded tools such as an industrial kit?

I had a toolbelt with tools to repair the mech

I’d say the ban should be reduced under those circumstances, it is however Figtherslams ban so he would have to make that call.

Why only reduced?
I would like to not get banned again

Meaning the ban shouldn’t stay in place and maybe a note should be put in place instead, being fully equipped with certain items that gives your character a major advantage does fall under Powergaming.

You just have to be mindful what you have on your character at all times and if it breaks the rules.

Do I need to be careful with tools as a miner with a mining mech?
Should I bring the mech back to sci for repairs?

Reading that I sound like a shitter, but I’m just curious of there you’re line lays
(Sadly I have only played on full before… And their definitions are very different)

No not at all, it’s if you are a certain job and are over prepared for certain situations, example of this is the captain running around with the antique laser gun on a green alert for no reason that would be a big no no scenario and classed as Powergaming.

Hope I ain’t confusing you as much, it’s just to be on the safe side try to only have the tools you need for your job specification if you a medical physician have your med kit and all that etc.

I understand

But now I’m just mad at the HoS who didnt change my job name… This ban prob wouldnt of happened if my ID said miner

That would make a lot of sense, you weren’t practicing as a Brig Physician and were a miner instead, in that case it would make sense to have a full toolset to repair your mech etc.

Seems the ban itself since your job might of not been changed would be classed as a misinterpretation of the current situation.

Yeah I’m going to go ahead and lift this since everything has been explained. You’ve certainly served enough time off server in any event.