[BluHNT] note appeal by [Joelogbybolb]

Title: [BluHNT] noted by [Joelogbybolb]

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
2024-05-02 20:38:15
Round ID:
no clue honestly
Ban Reason:
Was using combat gloves plus (contraband) as a secoff. Informed this isn’t allowed. (Note)
Appeal Reason:
Allowed in RP
Additional Information:
During the round I asked the HOS if I can use the combat gloves I found and was given an ok. Later got informed by admin that I shouldn’t be using them even after the ic ok and returned the said gloves. I don’t think this is worth a note as it was during a round in which I asked and got all around approval from the head. I don’t remember even using them for anything as I forgot about having them to begin with.

Heya, the reason for this appeal is actually not true. You didn’t ask the HOS before taking the gloves, you insisted on asking mid-ticket when I had already told you it was against the rules, and they actually told you no.

Not sure why you’d lie about this, and even if this were the case I wouldn’t have lifted the note given it’s a record of you being informed that contraband isn’t allowed to be used in normal circumstances by security officers, which some players don’t know from the get-go.

Will be marking this as denied.