Bluezorua Noted by Sergei Koralev

Title: [CKEY] banned by [Admin’s CKEY]

Admin’s CKEY:
Sergei Koralev
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Notes are for all servers
Which server did the ban happen on?
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Ban Reason:
Infected self with fully developed necroseed as virologist. Warned to not do it again.
Appeal Reason:
Nowhere is it mentioned that necroseed is self-antag, it is a pretty useful disease and would suck ass if used for antagging outside of it being a positive for you, the only damage that was caused was a simplemob getting slightly hurt (i quickly patched em up) and someone getting critted (who was quickly rushed to medbay and was already very close to crit anyway)
Additional Information:
even if this note appeal doesnt get approved just put it somewhere in the rules that necroseed is self antag, I’ve seen it multiple times and many people said they made necroseed without getting noted, so please just fucking say that necroseed is self antag in the rules or something because a small chance for someone to take like 5 brute and a short stun doesnt really sound like self-antag


Notes are not permanent, they will expire in either a month, six months or year.

the not never specified an expiration date so i assumed it was permanent

Boy someone should tell that to the note i have from over two years ago.

Also usually when i see Viros making Godviruses. Its either Necroseed or something else. They usually give an option for Necroseed. Not usually putting it into the virus. So i guess this could be what is considered the self antag part. But then again…co-opting into it sounds like it would be much more self-antag than even doing it in the first place.

Necro seed literally sprouts harmful tendrils all around you. How useful it is to you doesn’t matter if it’s harmful to people around you at random and in an uncontrollable way.

It doesn’t need to be specifically stated as harmful - you can very clearly see its harm yourself.


Notes are not punishments. They show that you have already been warned about something once so you know not to do it again. All it is doing is logging the warning - the warning is appropriate so the note stays.

I mean plasmamen are literally harmful to everyone around them so by your logic playing plasmaman should be self-antag.

Yes, it can harm people. So can literally everything else. Tho i would argue giving it to yourself is self-antag.

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A plasma man simply existing is not harmful to other people
A plasma man stripping and running through people is - and yes I would definitely call this self-antag.

fun fact, this is wrong, notes are permanent unless an expiration date is set by the author.

First: I wouldn’t classify necroseed as self-antag. I would classify it as griefing and powergaming.

Second: in the context of someone working medbay, which I do fairly often, (but was not involved in the round) having a virologist (or anyone for that matter) meandering around with necroseed is quite literally a matter that has caused people to die in my arms before. It does minor damage to those it impacts (taking up resources and time of medbay personnel frivilously), hardstuns for several seconds (meaning that the person in deep crit that you needed to push into the sleeper is now no longer being dragged and is bleeding out on the floor), and forces those affected by it to drop any items in their hands (for the love of god the number of times I’ve dropped a hemostat in the middle of a critical tend wounds surgery). So, while it may be helpful in combat, I personally don’t see why the person with the most defensible position on the station would need damage protection, which is the primary benefit of that symptom.

So, tl;dr, you’re equipping yourself with a symptom that, while it does not negatively effect you, does negatively effect, and possibly causes the death of those around you without any method for you to control it.

Headmin Ruko spoketh, Note stays.

With regards to plasmemes, they have clear and effective methods to prevent harm to their coworkers, and medical should be capable of dealing with a plasmeme without lighting anyone on fire. Meanwhile necroseed man just walks by and bam causes four doctors to, literally, drop whatever they’re doing.