Blueturbo47 mentor+ app

Your CKEY: blueturbo47

Your Discord: blueturbo47#5894

How long have you been playing ss13?: 1183h (992h/191h) for bee and I have around 100-200 hours on other servers.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Dallen and I was a mentor before.

Game Experience (More Detailed): I know almost every job, the only jobs I don’t know as much is specifics on space law, viro, and advanced nanites

I also like answering a lot of questions.

What is toxic to felinids yet neutral to most other carbon species?

What chemical mix can you put in a cryosyringe that blows people up instantly when injected

How do you make a simple research bomb

How do you set up a mousetrap-box bomb


Anything that when it reacts explodes when not stabilized, so for example water and potassium.

A Canister of o2, a canister of heated plasma, and a tank transfer valve. When you put the o2 into the canister of hot plasma it should cause a fire in the canister and blow up.

By activating a mousetrap in hand and then adding it to the bomb, when someone tries to interact with the bomb by clicking it or opening up where it is stored it will cause it to activate.

Has 10 minutes as super friend let me vote

how 2 fusion?
easy way to hijack?
how to beat lings the easy way?

Aren’t you still permabanned?

Bunch of plasma, Bunch of trit, Bunch of co2, Bunch of o2 for a fire. Set it on fire in a canister or containment and it should cause fusion.

Wall off departures and emag the shuttle consle, just keep people away from the shuttle with muderbone/ whatever to slow people down.

What I usually do though is either bomb the shuttle at the end or just try my best to kill everyone with hypo or borgos.

If you husk lings they cant revive, so the best way is a flamethrower or contain them in space so they cant get out.

gets banned for erp
talks about how he likes dick in his mentor reapplication

mfw :flushed:

I’ve already apologized about it over discord if it was a meme…

Everyone gets one on the ERP, when it’s clearly not malicious.

Dementoring people that get banned is more of a matter of procedure. Now that the ban is lifted I have no issues supporting a rementor app.


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even creeps deserve a shot if they can do the job right without being degens

+1 So we can erp with msay again.

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1+, hate to admit it but majority of felinds are robust

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The mentor report on collin from before the ban is still active and unresolved. I don’t think this should really be considered until after that gets processed.

The person who made the report is currently permabanned though, also I’ve made sure not to “advertise” the “erp” server since then.
Also I thought it would have been resolved with him saying fair enough…

My point is purely that it isn’t resolved yet and should be - I don’t have anything against you returning to mentor, you’re a friendly and helpful guy.

As bartender is there some ghetto way of shortening the shotgun or do I always have to hope that I can get my hands on surgeries circ saw?

I don’t think you know what a mentor app is because this is the kind of thing you ask in #questions or mhelp… but according to the github these things turn a shotgun into a sawed-off one: activated energy saw, a plasma cutter and a circular saw

Total = +4