Blueturbo47 banned for ERP by Ruko

Title: blueturbo47 banned by rukofamicom

CKEY: blueturbo47

Admin’s CKEY: rukofamicom

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Which server did the ban happen on? MRP

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2021-01-13 15:05

Round ID: 26037

Ban Reason: ERP

Appeal Reason: Never even erp’d… The person I was with had to go ssd, They asked I go into dorms and wait for them to come back, I went into dorms and then buckled him to the bed and spammed by spin flip clap macro because we like doing it together a lot.

The Macro I Use (AutoHotkey required)

The keybind is ‘shift + space’
(Macro start (Dont include this))
Send {t}
Send *flip
Send {enter}
Send {t}
Send *spin
Send {enter}
Send {t}
Send *clap
Send {enter}
(Macro end (Dont include this))


My Chat Log (for when desmond left)


Desmond's Chat Log (for when desmond left)


You can see desmond reconnecting in his and me saying to ruko that he had to go even

Also, before I was able to defend my case ruko admin dm muted me and then banned me, dm muting me makes no sense it’s like you almost wanted me to get banned without defense

Ruko Bombing Me



Ruko Dm Mute


Additional Information: Me and Salty are close, we have been for a few weeks now and we have never erp’d in bee before, Salty doesn’t like other people watching him erp and we have only erp’d in discord dm’s.

All of chat logs (Discord links because I cannot upload them)
Salty's Chat log

SS13 Chat Log

My Chat Log

I was in lrp before so that is the first part of chat logs and I had to hop onto a private server to copy chat logs at the end
SS13 Chat Log

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Best part was there was no like prior speak relating to ERP. I just went SSD and he spammed his macro

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Out of context, I meant we like doing spin flip clap marco a lot.


He meant the spamming macro. jesus velvet

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Yeah this doesn’t sound like erp


Location of those coordinates is this bed, where the sheet had been removed.


On that bed were two felinids, one buckled to the bed, and the other standing upright on top of them spamming what I saw to be clapping. Ghosts reported ERP in the dorms, and when I jumped over and saw it I asked the opinions of the other available admins.

Second player, @SaltyPenguin, was SSD at the time of the incident, but it was later shown that they requested to be brought to the dorms so they could SSD. You then piggybacked away from the dorms together while this was being discussed with admins.

I will again ask @GameAdmin for their opinions.

Still how could that possibly be close to ERP? ERP iirc stands for Erotic Roleplay, what is erotic about doing acrobatic stunts while clapping in front of someone? Do I have to come to a lady I’d like to have sex with and do a pirouette and few flips in order to impress her?


Nothing about this was ERP


Peanuts :rage: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

This does not seem like actual ERP.

Very cringe though, ngl


Not erp
bottom text


Yeah standing on a bed and clapping is not “erotic” or “roleplay”, seems like fucking around to me.


Incredibly cringe and definitely not MRP behaviour
But not erp in this case

Would be more of a RP ban rather than an ERP ban tbh

It’s not ERP, it’s just cringe roleplay.

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What exactly were you expecting?

To everyone else, this is a ban appeal thread and peanut posting / off topic discussion is not allowed.

Time to throw in an opinion to balance the scales.

Was this done for kicks? Could this be seen as erotic? Did they do this for pleasure? Let’s answer that.

They took their friend who went AFK to a private area while they came back. Both parties agreed. This isn’t a problem.

They placed their friend on a bed and then straddled them. Okay, pretty weird. But they’re just standing on top. Not a big deal.

Then, it happens. With the force of one-thousand suns he begins to clap. This could be emulating the sound of cheeks clapping. Could.

Given that they took their friend that they self admit do erotica together into a private area, like stated they only do this when no one’s watching, then began the process of beginning ERP without starting it doesn’t look too good.

Now time to answer my first question. Was this done for kicks? Probably…

You got to understand that:

Doesn’t make this look too good.

If you want to go to dorms together, there are other servers for it.

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spams clap when standing over top of another felind while in dorms right after being unbanned for saying erp related stuff. In the first ban appeal went on about how he liked gay sex. In this ban appeal went on about how he erps in dms??? stop with the erotic shit its not that hard dude???

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The self-admitted ERP in DMs is cringe, but nothing about this itself suggests ERP. Doing wild acrobatics over a person in bed while clapping is about as suggestive as shaking someone’s hand for 5 seconds.

this will be sex in 2021