Blueturbo47 banned by Kerbin_Fiber

CKEY: Blueturbo47

Admin’s CKEY: Kerbin_Fiber

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Which server did the ban happen on?: Golden

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: 6 Hours

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 06-26-2020

Round ID: 17732

Ban Reason: “Locked and stripped the HoS in a glass encasing because the HoS stunned and jailed him.”

Appeal Reason: Not exactly accurate to the situation. I put Hos in a glass cage because of how disliked he was and his Self-Antagging. Hos was trying multiple times to prevent hop from giving out aa after Cap said they could. Hos was being annoying so I pushed him into other people who were in the line and he starting shooting his disable egun at me and hos gun later hitting a lot of other people in the process all while being in the Hop line. Later when they cuffed and caught me and was about to jail me cap came and took me out of the cell letting me free, later Hos would try to arrest me more but they all failed. Then when hos was killed by an antag (don’t remember who) I stripped him and took his stuff like he took mine (still didn’t have my stuff from when I was stripped in a cell). I decided I will clone him and later put him in a glass cage with one door to come to get him about 7 or so minutes later like how he probably woulda done to me when I was in a cell. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to because I would be later eaten by a black hole and die on the way there.

Additional Information: All my bans have been for totally different reasons. All other sec was neutral around me and I was never set to arrest, if I was I didn’t see it. Debuff felind flashbangs, it goes through sec headsets, Caps, and Hos’s maybe an upgrade to Caps and Hos’s headsets?

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Haha felinid ears go brrr

Also it’s only 6 hours? And ya sure it’s both LRP and MRP?

Hell, lockin’ HOS in a glass encasing without anything is kinda of a dick move. The whole thingy could’ve been solved by cap actually demoting his ass and stuff instead of, y’know, taking it into own hands. If he didn’t even give you your stuff back when you were stripped you could’ve even ahelped it since he was being shitcurity.

Kinda played yourself into the ban.

Captain in this scenario is a complete retard, though that doesn’t really affect what happened to you, or what you did.

Conflicting answers here.
Is the cap retarded or should the cap demote the HoS?

I kinda never got the gist of “Captain allows giving AA bad, but stealing AA good”.

Like, sure, the station is gonna fall into chaos one way or the other, the only difference here is Captain actually allowing it and those with AA technically being in the clear unless they stumble into somewhere where them touching shit means they become valid.

But it’s still a weird ass thing.

Oi i’m just a retired headmin. He’s referencing Cap allowing AA vs me referencing Cap having to demote HOS.

Dunno what Cap specifically did throughout the round but, he COULD and lowkey should have demoted HOS if he was going against his orders because muh fucking with CoC.

It wasn’t much of cap talking to hos to let me out it was more of cap jailbreaking me and throwing me out of sec so that’s why I couldn’t get my stuff, I woulda broken in but hop was nowhere so I couldn’t get a id to get in and blast doors were down, tools woulda worked for hacking but I couldn’t find any. Atmos was already starting to go down and making some areas inaccessible so I just kinda just hanged out for the rest of the round. Cap is very based and wants everyone to have fun.

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While the Captain did start freely giving out AA, it was quickly stopped because he was breaking a council ruling.

The reason why you were banned for trapping him is because, no matter how many times I try to see it from another angle, it just seems like you put him in there because you just didn’t like him because he arrested you validly.

  • Cap Gives out AA
  • HoS tries to stop HoP giving out AA
  • “Hos was being annoying so I pushed him…”
  • HoS arrests you for contributing the distribution of AA
  • Cap takes you out of your cell and “breaks” you out
  • Cap is PM’d by me where he’s told that giving AA like he did is against the rules
  • Cap makes another announcement saying admins are homosex and he did a bad
  • HoS attempts to apprehend you after you served little time and fails

The chain of events should end here, but as we all know, they don’t…

  • You find the HoS dead, take his stuff and clone him, as any sane tider would do

It could’ve ended here too

  • Then you put him in a 1x1 room surrounded with reinforced glass while he has nothing on him as a fuck you for cloning him under the pretense

A 7 minute, or unset, timer would’ve had me on his ass as that timer should be set and no longer than 5 minutes for any crime. But you also say "… like how he probably woulda done to me… "

You went out of your way to be an asshole to someone with a shaky claim to a man who was just doing his job, and doing it right.

The ban is only 6 hours because all of your notes are for various things and nothing was really relating to “preventing another player from playing the game because he hurt my feelings by doing his job”

Also, by placing him in there, you removed him from the game without actually taking him out of the game, which is worse than killing him, it’s just plain torture, and a tactic few griefers use to “bypass” rules of people they don’t like. “I didn’t kill him so I don’t see the problem.” Please don’t do it again because you seem like a nice dude

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Ban has expired, this is denied.