Bloons3 banned by ruediger4

CKEY: bloons3

Admin’s CKEY: ruediger4

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Yes

Ban Type: Perma

Ban Length: Perma

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 09-19-2019
2019-09-19 23:59
Round ID:
Ban Reason:

Made disposals lead into the SM, causing massive amounts of deaths. All of this as a borg on asimov, too. Appeal on forums, you know better.
aka being a mega shitter

Appeal Reason:
Being a shitter isn’t a good reason to be playing this game. I apologize for this behavior, and previous incidents.

At the time of the ban, I was aimless and in the end decided to make a contraption that resulted in other players (unfairly) being removed from the round permanently. This behavior was not only wrong of me, it also ruined the round for those players who died.

If unbanned, I will likely play on the MRP server and follow it’s policies.
Additional Information:

Tbh one of the non retarded unban appeals I’ve seen

By tomorrow the ban would’ve been a month long

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and +1

The reason for their appeal is “i know it was wrong and wont do it again” but, a disposals loop into the sm? That’s a bit heavy, i’m for rue lowering it to temp, but a month at least in my eyes, thats some decent griff, building a disposals chute into the sm. Very destructive, very not cash money.

On one hand, it was a month ago already.

On the other, it was still the most blatant grief I had seen in a long ass while, like murderboning with extra steps to anyone entering disposals.

I’m willing to unban you, but only so you can play on the MRP server. Whether the LRP ban is permanent or temporal I’d think about it.

In any case i’ll let other admins give their 2 cents since I wanna hear other voices too.

In your defense, this was blatant grief.

Sure, I could spin some sob story about how “as a borg with no AI, during cuck cult I made a machine to defend the station against the cluckies. It had just been completed when suddenly assistant after assistant simply threw themselves into the disposal chute before I could warn them not to! Oh it pained my heart so, watching assistant after assistant simply throw their lives away unknowingly… etc etc”

I made a disposal chute that led into the SM, people went into it, they died. Quite literally entirely my fault, and also a very ban worthy offense.

Did ya warn’em at any point that it was a disposals going headfirst into the SM though

I don’t have the log so I couldn’t tell you if I did or not.

To clarify, I was not defending my actions in that statement. I was saying that I could spin some of BS tale to justify my actions, but that wasn’t what happened.

To clarify, it was a separate system from disposals that started with an unmarked chute (not the trash compactor seen normally around the station) in the main hallway and ended with a pipe in front of the super matter.

I’m going to tip in my opinion on this ban, I feel that this was definitely worthy of a ban. It has been a month though and me personally, I like to give people a second chance. I’d say reduce it down to a month IMO since the OP has admitted he messed up. But this is really up to the banning Admin. That is my 2 cents.

In light of the other replies, has your opinion changed?

Unbanned from both servers under the assumption that this will hopefully not happen again.

Have fun, welcome back, please don’t beat the clown up.

Look, the clown had it coming

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