Blood crawl

I’m not sure if it’s a glitch but you know the way you can trade tc for blood crawl I was messing around with it and I dropped a bomb and blood crawled away but when the bomb exploded it killed me with it even though I was blood crawled not sure if u can get killed crawling because it never happened before / it happened again but now I got shuttle fibbed while in crawl mode

You are technically inside the blood code wise so if the tile the blood was on was destroyed so we’re you, or ejected out of blood crawl

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Shit code strikes again

I think that’s intended. Buuuuut it’s always hard to tell with this goddamn game.

It makes logical sense, you can’t blood crawl in blood that isn’t there and it beats just having your entity deleted

I think I found a glitch with crawl as well but I have no idea how to recreate it my body would not process any of the chems I put in it so all the chems just didn’t move at all in my body like if I was on a stasis bed. Due to this I was not able to cure my brain trauma with neurine which was really annoying.