Blood and IV drip Questions

These are mostly questions regarding blood + IV’s and their interactions with the player/patient.

For me the hardest thing to even deal with in medical isn’t husked people or someone having every plague in their body but rather blood loss.

I encounter issues like with surgery where some times people just don’t gain blood while being pumped full of it or suddenly bleeding out like 50% of their blood after surgery.
Using the iv on dead people the moment after I defibrillate them it just completely resets back to 0% or whatever percent they were in the beginning. (both on and off the stasis unit, even with saline-glucose for temp blood)

This happens to me quite often when patients have blood below 50% and they’re dead. The only solution I currently have for this is either cloning or literally spam defib someone to keep them alive and pump blood whilst they’re alive. I’d rather avoid the latter for the other player’s sake

I hope someone can fill me in on what I could do or if I’m missing something. Or if this is just a on going bug.

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So using IV on someone who is still dead?
I believe this is a bug but not entirely sure where its going wrong… maybe something to do with life ticks? I remember it being a thing but never really IVd the dead personally…

As for circumventing… if dire, fill patient with Perf and/or salbutamol to keep them alive for long enough without blood, both should be able to out heal the oxy loss while transfusing.
Sadly I think Oxy chems, saline bag and spamming defib is the way to go in this untill fixed
(just keep in mind that perf does tox damage too)


I do also do that but it simply sometimes isn’t enough especially when they got like below 15% blood.

I just want to clarify with an example.

So an issue I had a couple hours ago, I had to use syringes to fill the patient up with blood due to the lack of IV drip.

1.So the Patient went from 13% blood to 48%
2.I defibrillate them.
3. Health scan to check to see that they’re back on 13% blood then they die a few seconds later.
4. Chem scan showed me that they had all the blood 200ish units of o- blood.

Then any attempts like syringe and iv didn’t change the percentage at all when I attempted to pump more in.

Its an issue I’ve experienced and seen for the couple years I’ve been playing and I’m hoping if there’s any real work around for treating patients with super low blood.
(Revival surgery sometimes help keep the patient alive! Only if their blood is above 30% ish).

Did you check no active surgeries in all of the body parts?

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So according to the codebase,
Cryosleep or husked people do not pump blood, so going into 0% should be definitely a bug. I only experienced it once. So if you are not keeping them on stasis and revive them while a surgery is active, it might be a reason.

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gonna need more info here pal, last time I checked stasis beds prevent people from gaining blood, to prevent bloodloss try to bandage someone, I keep a roll of gauze to prevent the dreaded bloodspill, or maybe you are pulling someone on the floor spilling their blood, try to fireman grab someone or use a stretcher bed, or a chair, you get the idea, so please tell me more how this happens so I can figure out what the issue is.

This is a bug, I am certain.

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Another question regarding IV drops, is it me or the sprites for showing Iv drop containing a blood bag, injecting states are no longer displayed. IV drops are static

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Fairly niche thing, but sometimes its good to check if they have used a cursed heart. Will rapidly drain blood if they arnt pumping it so sometimes a thing to lookout for with miners.

Other than that i’d examine for embedded objects, vamparism nanites without a safety shutoff, non closed surgeries, hepirin etc.


Its not related to chemicals, embeded items and not a miner. I’m pretty sure its a bug.
The only way I manage to get the person back up is just by keep trying to refill the blood until it just stops disappearing.

This thread reminds me of the time I accidentally gave someone blood poisoning in game.

Good times.


I don’t think the issue lies there. I’ve had pumped blood during and after surgery, but maybe?

I check for chemicals and nanites, usually cursed heart is very rare however all the cases this happened was to patients without cursed heart

I already do this, but good looking out!

Most likely is, just trying to see if theres anyway to avoid the potential bug or if theres a work around people figured out

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yeah its not just you, kinda makes things harder for everyone since no one can tell what the iv drip is doin

I’ll try and keep this in mind, and I’ll report it if this is the case to the github

Thanks for the advice but damn… blood is abit of a commodity and this usually takes too much time and effort just for a single patient.
We gotta remember that some players are very impatient and don’t like staring at their body dead in medical for half or even majority of the round.

I’m just looking for a solution to help them in a timely manner, its still a game for everyone to enjoy.

Man this shit is looking bleak for solutions lmao

Well one way to prepare for this bug is to order one or 2 creates of blood in advance. The medical budget has enough credits and the blood crates are cheap.

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