Blek88 weed lover Report

In-game report:

CKEY: Szczebrzeszyn

Offender’s CKEY: Blek88

Offender’s In-Game Name: Mary Jones

Server (Sage or Acacia): sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 05-28-2023

Round Number: 44218

Rules Broken: 13.3

Incident Description:
deployed several kudzu on station, no murderbone objective. Also some shuttle shooting without ic justification 20 sec beofre roundend but it can count as EORG I guess.

Additional Information:
Admin said I should report so I report. I’m a good bootlicker, something something.

If the round wasn’t completely over then it wouldn’t.

I’m not sure about this but… can’t the Botanist tweak the Kudzu ‘‘stats’’ with botany shenanigans so they can be more deadly/resistant/spread quicker? If so that could lead to murderbone, as a side note X4 and C4 can gib people if done correctly


Arguable to say that the shooting 20 seconds before round end was a desperate attempt to get the HoS out to then steal the gun.

While it might be true and a lot of ‘‘new’’ antag players do it in the chase of the greentext it shouldn’t be encouraged, they’re supposed to antagonize, create interesting roleplay scenarios and so on and not just try to get their objective last second, logs will probably show who they shot

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thing is i didnt specify murderbone, i specified rule 13:
Antagonists are free to complete their objective by any means available, within reason.

For example, destroying large amounts of the station is reasonable if your objective is to hijack the shuttle; it is not acceptable as a distraction if your objective is to steal the station’s blueprints.

while kudzu is rarely a good murderbone tool it can render major parts of station FUBAR which is not fun when You are in the middle of the shift and struggling with other things.

This is a player report.

This isn’t a thread about the lethality of kudzu or its viability compared to bombing.

Please remain on topic.


They planted six packets of Kudzu around the station, one of which was right next to the arrivals shuttle dock (especially bad) - that’s a little too much for a ‘distraction’ if you ask me. As for the shuttle shooting it was mostly directed at security and they only fired off about one magazine before the round ended. Additionally they were using AP rounds which are straight up worse than normal ammo against unarmored targets. I doubt they were intending to kill a bunch of people.

Shooting is IC, Kudzu isn’t. Report Processed.