Blek discord mute appeal

Discord ID: Blek#8633

Admin Discord ID: ???

Ban Type: Mute

Ban Length: ???

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): sometime in 2022 march

Ban Reason:If I recall correctly, it was a meme with nuke making instructions

Appeal Reason: I started playing the game again

Additional Information: I don’t remember much since then. It’s been a LONG time for me. College drop out, working full time, fighting my depression, etc. I think that I matured a LOT as a person. I just want everyone to be happy and I’m really sorry for all the dumb shit I did in my past. Things have been really rough and Beestation has been my refuge for a long time, despite whatever I said and did, I really value you guys even if you’ve long forgotten my name or any exerience with me. I just want to be a dumb chemist/bartender/quartermaster again and have fun on Beestation. I never would have thought the nostalgia would make me cry but here we are. You people deserve so much love, especially the admins and coders. You spared my stupid ass from a ban multiple times when I deserved it, because I’m a genuinely stupid person who decides to play this while intoxicated. I’m deeply sorry about whatever I did to annoy/offend you.

Check your DMs, you can usually find warnings sent to you by BeeBot there, as well as the point value.

For example:

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I found them!

I’ll remove my latest warning which should unmute you.