Blazikenowen Feedback

I play as Mothball the moth wanna know what you think of me I play as assistant most of the time now though I also play bartender alot and medic and recently geneticist

Cleaned up all the shitposts, this player has specified they want serious feedback, so further shitposting will result in forum bans.

Don’t leave hate just because they play moth - critique how they actually play.

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That is our critique but ok. Whenever i see him interact with me hes usually a whiny bitch.


thank you ruko for sorting all of that

I don’t think I’ve ever met you in game and if I have when have I been a “whiny bitch” I dont tend to complain in rounds

I’m Phil Smith bro,

oh you mean the guy who every time I run into attempts to kill me gotcha

I’ve never seen some one be so sweaty about his player feedback as to get jannie involvement and to keep going on like this lmao.

That’s my feedback ruko before u done ban me.


I actively just flagged em as they werent related to topic I literally want feed black on me as a player not me in discord or any of that me as an actual player

My comment still stands


I suppose we can lock this now.