Blackplaps Ban Appeal

Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
no idea
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Executing …monkeys I think that had a virus? Monkey virus I think. I can’t remember the round virus that i executed people for having. They may have just been people and not monkeys. OH, I read it, and they were people that i had been executing for believeing them to be “servants of the wizard” because they were spreading space aids. I didn’t know everyone had the virus and probably should not have killed those people
Appeal Reason:
It’s been a few months and I believe I’ve learned my lesson about executions if there’s a cure for viral agents.
Additional Information:

I’d like to know why minimeatwad put in three different bans for the same issue which all appear to have a date code of the same thing. Why would you put in three bans for the same thing with the same datecodes? Unless you wanted to inflate the ban count?

Also it seems like the “banned multiple times for the same thing” wasn’t looked at throughougly because minimeatwad server banned me from both servers and a job for the same thing, then the admin who perma’d me seems to have looked at that as “multiple bans for the same thing”

what the fuck is the ban reason?
le monke virus? staff of change? based geneticist that left the >ADVANCED HULK X-RAY SPACE ADAPT INJECTOR on hallway?
i dont fuckiing understand that shit, anyway if its the first one, you shouldnt have been banned…

I’m confused by this as well, aren’t monkey’s automatically valid? Just as if the wizard turns you into a xenomorph. It’s a bit strange that players turned into these things and you’re not suppose to be aggressive and harm the crew by acting what you were turned into and yet the crew is welcomed to harm you. At-least that’s how I always understood the rule.

Executed four people for believing they were “servants of the wizard” just because they were spreading a virus everyone had on the station. You’ve already had a lot of bans for the same issue of executing non-antags and with poor to no reasoning at all. Appeal on the forums bub.

Real ban reason.

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But were these victims actually monkey’s like he suggests or no?

Sadly our logs do not go back that far so I can’t check to see what they had. Maybe @BatteryBan remembers the round and can give added specifics. The ban text leads me to believe that it was not a monkey virus, however.

As for the minimeatwad thing, I have no idea. He’s not on staff anymore though, so it doesn’t really matter at this point.

The problem is he also mentions it is a wizard round. I could see a newbie killing players turned into monkeys during a wizard round mistaking it for a virus. But even if we drop that defense completely and if he 100% knew it wasn’t a virus that still has the monkey’s as valid. It sucks and ruins the round for those transformed and I think this rule needs to be revisited. However if he claims they were monkey’s and that cannot be proven otherwise this ban should be overturned.

I mean, in his ban he fully admits that he doesn’t even remember if they were monkeys or not. Per the ban text, they were not monkeys.

Still, it’s been a decent while since the ban was originally put in place so there’s a chance that this appeal will get accepted based on that. I’ll defer to our admins for that though.

imo he should be unbanned but I’d like to hear what @BatteryBan has to say about it, he’s the banning admin after all

Uhhhh yeah uhhh I can’t even remember this round but from what I can remember I think it was a wizard round in which the wiznerd was already ded ded.

I presume a virus event popped up and people probably some willing and some not knowing spread the virus around to non-infected and so you took to the next level probably executing the shitters that were intentionally spreading the disease which yes is a good but you probably killed a few innocents at the same time and that is where I think you were in the wrong.

Either way it’s been nearly a century since this last happened and I think your free to go from the time out corner.