BimBim player report

In-game report:


   Your Discord:blazikenowen

   Offender’s CKEY:

   LRP or MRP server:MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name:BimBim

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY):06.11.2020

   Round Number:17064

   Rules Broken: 2 8

   Incident Description: was a traitor had no missions to kill everyone killed most of the crew including other traitors and antags by making the air fusion to a point it would near insta kill you then set space heaters up around station including medical entrance to insta kill people 

   Additional Information: there was no mins on during this so there was quite abit of shit happening this round and round before

I play as bimbim the clown and maybe this was a ling round but I haven’t ever used a space heater in my life and I also dont know how to make the air fusion and have only been shown how to make fusion once.

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Don’t worry, the admins will see the CKEY.

also whats ur ic name?

from what people were saying it was you bimbim that did the air fusion if it wasn’t you well it will atleast be found who did it

mothball honestly I had no IC issue with you you were cool when I talked to you IC but yea from what people said you did the fusion air but if it wasn’t you then this report is for whoever made air fusion

you were traitor clown in the round yes mind as I said if it wasn’t you this report will atleast find out who did it

Insufficient data available in the logs to determine who was actually responsible for this. @Nik735 is suspected, but there’s not enough here to even accuse him of this and so much time has passed I don’t really expect them to remember the details.

On the chance it was them though, I leave this warning:

Internal Affairs Agents may not murderbone or cause collateral damage beyond what is necessary to complete their objectives.

IAA is not the same as being a Syndicate Agent - you work for NT and are fully expected to keep damage to a minimum.