BillionBill banned by BatteryBan

CKEY: BillionBill

Admin’s CKEY: BatteryBan

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both Golden and Sage.

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: Perm

Ban Date (1/14/2020):

Round ID: 11455

Ban Reason: Put two bags of holding inside of each other

Appeal Reason: I wasn’t aware that it would’ve destroyed the entire bar, I was under the impression it might have caused a small hull breach and maybe gib me. When I made this apparent my sec job ban and previous unrelated ban was brought up against me.

While I understand what I did was wrong and think It is a bannable offense, I don’t think I should be permanently banned for doing it. I’m not asking for a complete removal of the ban, but a reduced one instead.

Additional Information: The previous ban that was used against me was for killing a moth I mistook for someone else who was a traitor, I’m able to go into detail about that one if its needed

Alright I’ll compliment you for making an appeal but seriously man if I recall correctly you joined somewhere in September of 2019 come on man you gotta know by now what the bag of holding is capable of. And I’ll admit I’m a very merciful guy when it comes to unbanning people (probably because I’m to lazy to give you a shorter ban) but I’ve given it roughly 3 days of sitting and I think this is enough for you to atleast think before you do.

Lots of small things in this game can have massive effects I.E. when we didn’t realize how potent bombs could be and we turned off the maxcap limit. For now whoever I’ll spare you and unban you.