Bilary mute appeal

**Discord ID:**3060

**Admin Discord ID:**crossedfall

**Ban Type:**mute

**Ban Length:**forever

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**idk

**Ban Reason:**filter bypass

**Appeal Reason:**i couldn’t find a more suitable word for the amount of stupidity the person i was talking to has, yeah i’ll try to not do it again.

Additional Information:

Nope not me this time, I have no idea what this is regarding :smiley:

@Crossedfall you muted me it seems.

You have 5 separate warnings regarding the filter and just got unmuted a little less than two weeks ago… What’s different this time? Why should we remove your mute? Your excuse for bypassing it leaves a lot to be desired.

whats different this time? nothing, i’m not gonna sugarcoat my argument, this is purely based on if you trust me with this or not.

I’d like to trust you here, but, it seems like any chance you get to circumvent the rules, you take it. So I’m asking you, why we should trust you this time?

i don’t know, thats the thing.

OK, think on it. When you come up with something we can try this again.

Just make a sincere apology and a sincere promise, that’s all they want, but it’ll probably be your final final chance then.

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