Bilary Discord mute appeal

Discord ID: F.F#3060

**Admin Discord ID:**I don’t remember.

**Ban Type:**Mute

**Ban Length:**Permanent

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**I don’t remember.

**Ban Reason:**I don’t remember.

**Appeal Reason:**I want access to the development channels.

Additional Information: I’m not sure what I was muted for, but whatever it was, I won’t do it again. I’ve been a member of the BeeStation community since 2018, I don’t mean harm. ’

I’ve been muted for like over a year now, I legitimately have no idea what for.

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You have a total of 3 points due to 3 different warnings (or, well, five but you also have a -2 warn as a second chance).
I’ve asked to admins if I can post them here, or send them to you as a private message.
(if you’d like me to)

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Yeah just post them.


Uhhh, guys? It’s been over a week. What’s up?




Sorry I haven’t replied yet. I would rather wait for an admin’s permission before posting your warnings (mods shouldn’t be dealing with forum-related stuff).

1 point warning 749760729619365898 issued by Unknown Moderator (243125463797465088) for bruh don't post the n word like that it's very much nut ok
1 point warning 750064541353639959 issued by Crossedfall#1001 for Image filter bypass
1 point warning 750453418341957754 issued by Unknown Moderator (243125463797465088) for bruh.... n word bypass really?
1 point warning 750459771815198751 issued by Unknown Moderator (243125463797465088) for You have been told multiple times to not post that video of animal cruelty
-2 point warning 751077637308416120 issued by Unknown Moderator (243125463797465088) for this is not a warning, you have been given a second chance, please be excellent to others and party on dude
0 point warning 753322399583174786 issued by Crossedfall#1001 for Stop trying to get the bot to say racist things. You've lost access to it now.
0 point warning 759946412531777536 issued by Crossedfall#1001 for Last chance, any added rule breaks will lead to a full ban.
1 point warning 817095996671918152 issued by Archanial#9048 for don't ping mentors fnr

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To ask for clarification real quick. Which discord warn are you appealing? All of them?

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Uhhh… sure?


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Then please quote each warn you want appealed and explain why said warn should get lifted.

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