BijadQ banned by winterdarkraven

CKEY: BijadQ

Admin’s CKEY: winterdarkraven

sage ban (while golden was around)

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date: (16/4/2021)

Round ID: 28863.

Ban Reason: Keeps forgetting he’s on MRP – poor roleplay. This is a quality control removal This will stop you forgetting, stay on Golden.

Appeal Reason: Willing to comply with new roleplay standards and I have played on CM USMC and learned to roleplay a bit better.

Additional Information: willing to discuss that specific round with winterdarkraven and maybe? hash things out. I have no excuse for being a shitter really. quiz me on the rules if you want, I read every line and I’m confident in my ability to roleplay better and not be a shitter in general.

also willing to explain the notes I had and their contexts

The suspension will be lifted.

Don’t be harsh to fellow players and you’ll fit in.