Biggest screw ups

Thought it would be funny to list some of our more hilarious screw ups. Most of mine are pretty tame, but here are a few of mine.

  • So, as a traitor, I broken into the captains office, to steal his AA. I was honestly feeling lazy, and didn’t want to go make a spear or anything, so I just strapped some C4 to his locker. Turns out, everything inside the locker exploded, along with the actual locker itself.

  • As a non antag, I found a grenade in the clown’s room. I was surprised, and assumed it was full of lube or something, so I waited for the shuttle, and chucked it at a group of people. Thing blew up, killed two of them, and made almost everyone else (me included) go deaf, along with leaving a big hole in the shuttle.

  • As traitor, I was trying to emag a borg. I took too long to flash him, and he escaped, and call me out, so I just screwed off into space for the rest of the round.